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92.1fm KFSD San Diego, CA
Sunday nights 6pm-10pm Pacific


GO LOCO on KFSD 92.1fm, San Diego, CA (3-23-03)
Show #GL006; Sunday, March 23, 2003 6pm-10pm Pacific

Guests: DESCANSO interview! ;
THRICE live! ;
BUCK-O-NINE interview!
Nu.; Band; Song; Label
01. The Crowd – “Go Loco Theme” [live on Go Loco]
02. Agent 51 – “If It’s Blood” [Suburban Hooligans]
*also found on the compilation “San Diego Music Awards 2001”
03. Switchfoot – “Meant To Live” [Red Ink/Columbia]
04. Plural – “Lady Liberty” [Nah Pescado]
05. Jason Mraz – “Absolutely Zero” [Elektra]
06. Kramer’s Rule – “Converge” [demo]
07. Longwave – “Can’t Feel A Thing” [Fenway-RCA]
08. The Turnoffs – “Right Now” [demo]
09. The Black Market Hearts – “Casket” [self-release]
10. The Reputation – “Either Coast” [Initial]
11. The Equators – “More Than A Person” [Ace Boon Tune]
12. Mix Mob – “Cryin’ Out Loud” [Suburban Noize]
13. Lucky 7 – “One Track Mind” [Omega]
14. One Track Mind
– “Away From the Things Of Man” [self-release]
15. West 78 – “Star Spangled Banner” [demo]
16. Unwritten Law – “Rest Of My Life” [Lava]
17. DJ Monkey – “Beatnik” [Airbourne Monkey]
18. Brothers From Another Planet
– “Go Off” [Wondertwins Ent.]
19. Scatascube – “Self Pity” [demo]

20. Scrimmage Heroes – “Monarch Tears” [demo]
21. Moving Units – “I Am” [Three One G]
22. Arneson – “No Turning Back” [demo]
interview w/ San Diego, CA’s DESCANSO!
23. Descanso – “Go Loco Promo” [live on Go Loco]
24. Descanso – “Green” [Soop]
25. Descanso – “Miserable Son Of A Bitch” [Soop]
26. Descanso – “Star Parts” [Soop]
27. Descanso – “Let’s Steal The Earth” [Soop]
28. Descanso – “City Kids” [Soop]
*visit http://www.descansomusic.com
*see Descanso live on Wed. April 2nd @ Muzik Muzik in El Cajon, CA!
29. Dismissed – “Self Impression” [demo]
30. Mae – “This Time Is The Last Time” [Tooth & Nail]
31. Melee – “Francesca” [Tankfarm]
*from the compilation “Best of Orange County, Vol. 1”
32. Remik – “Kaleidoscope” [demo]

33. Rocket From The Crypt – “I’m Not Invisible” [SideOneDummy]
*from the compilation cd:
*”Atticus…Dragging The Lake II”
34. Eddie Vedder w/ Zeke
– “I Believe In Miracles” [Radioactive/Columbia]
*from the compilation cd:
*”We’re A Happy Family: Tribute To Ramones”
35. C-Clan – “It’s Time” [demo]
36. Har Mar Superstar – “Power Lunch” [Record Collection]
37. Nada Surf – “Blonde On Blonde” [Barsuk]
38. Prizefight – “Sally Field” [Loud And Clear]
39. Artificial Amateurs – “The Vivid Scenes” [demo]
Orange County, CA’s THRICE live!
*props out to Engineer Lil Orphen Andy & the C-Clan!
40. Thrice – “See You In The Shallows” [live on SP]
41. Thrice – “Betrayal Is A Symptom” [live on SP]
42. Thrice – “In Years To Come” [live on SP]
43. Death By Stereo
– “What I Can’t Hear, Touch, Taste, Smell
Or See Can’t Hurt Me” [Epitaph]
44. Roulette – “Farewell” [demo]
45. Name Taken – “Write Back” [Dying Wish]
46. Legends Die – “Instant” [demo]
47. Troy’s Bucket – “Jimmy’s Fault” [Anxious]
48. Pinback – “Concrete Seconds” [Ace Fu]

49. The Postal Service – “Such Great Heights” [Sub Pop]
50. No Knife – The Red Bedroom [Better Looking]
51. The Suggestions – “Be True” [Mr. Duck]
52. Rochelle Rochelle – “Fragrant” [RNR Music]
interview w/ San Diego, CA’s BUCK-O-NINE!
53. Buck-O-Nine – “Albuquerque (live)” [Offramp]
54. Buck-O-Nine – “Go Loco Promo” [live on Go Loco]
55. Buck-O-Nine – “Jennifer’s Cold (live)” [Offramp]
56. Buck-O-Nine – “Water In My Head” [Taang!]
57. Buck-O-Nine – “Tell It Like It Was” [TVT]
58. Buck-O-Nine – “Falling Back To Sleep (live)” [Offramp]
57. Buck-O-Nine – “Twenty-Eight Teeth” [TVT]
*visit http://www.buck-o-nine.com
*See Buck-O-Nine live @ “Ska Summit” this Sa. 3-29-03
*@ Desert Breeze Skate Park in Las Vegas, NV!
*gave tickets away for Ska Summit!
58. Reel Big Fish – “Boss DJ” [Mojo-Jive]
End of show!

Top 5:
1) The Postal Service – “Such Great Heights”
2) Switchfoot – “Meant To Live”
3) Descanso – “Green”
4) Eddie Vedder w/ Zeke
– “I Believe In Miracles”
5) The Reputation – “Either Coast”
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