GO LOCO with Tazy Phyllipz
92.1fm KFSD San Diego, CA
Sunday nights 6pm-10pm Pacific


GO LOCO on KFSD 92.1fm, San Diego, CA (4-6-03)
Show #GL008; Sunday, April 6, 2003 6pm-10pm Pacific

lots of show…

Guests: LEROI interview! ;
LEGENDS DIE interview!;
OFF TRACK interview!
OFFSET interview!
Nu.; Band; Song; Label
01. The Crowd – “Go Loco Theme” [live on Go Loco]
02. The Incredible Moses Leroy
– “My Best Friend” [Ultimatum Music]
03. Ozma – “Game Over” [Kung Fu]
04. Rookie Card – “Green Glo” [demo]
05. And Ors – “Flexiclocks” [Better Looking]
06. The Postal Service – “Such Great Heights” [Sub Pop]
*went to their 1st show @ The Casbah last Friday! Amazing!
interview w/ San Diego, CA’s LEROI!
07. Leroi – “Understand” [demo]
08. Leroi – “Don’t Care” [demo]
09. Leroi – “Go Loco Promo” [live on Go Loco]
10. Leroi – “Another Love Song” [demo]
*catch Leroi live on Sat. 4-12-03
*@ Longshots Saloon in San Marcos, CA!
11. Reeve Oliver – “I Want Burns” [Redsand]
interview w/ San Diego, CA’s LEGENDS DIE!
12. Legends Die – “You Should Know” [demo]
13. Legends Die – “Down Pour” [Maphia Ent.-Noize Pollution]
14. Legends Die – “Go Loco Promo” [live on Go Loco]
15. Legends Die – “Instant” [demo]
16. Artifical Amateurs – “The Vivid Scenes” [demo]

17. C-Clan – “It’s Time” [demo]
18. Goodbye Blue Monday
– “Christian Rock Anthem” [self-release]
19. Radiohead – “Where I End And You Begin” [Capitol]
*from the cd “Hail To The Thief” (release: 6-10-03)
20. The Vandals – “My Girlfriend’s Dead” [Nitro]
interview w/ San Diego, CA’s OFF TRACK!
*they won the “battle of the bands ”
*at the Escondido Ice-O-Plex!
21. Off Track – “Library” [self-release]
22. Off Track – “So Long” [self-release]
23. Lucky 7 – “California Girl” [Omega]
24. Liquid Image – “Stand And Be Counted” [Kay]
25. Off Track – “Maybe Next Year” [self-release]
26. Off Track – “Go Loco Promo” [live on Go Loco]
27. Off Track – “Concrete Dreams” [self-release]
28. The Line – “Cut Me” [Volcom Entertainment]
*The Line will be live next week!

29. gob – “Give Up The Grunge” [Nettwerk-Arista]
**SKA SUMMIT segment!
*talked about my “Ska Summit” experience on Sat 3-29-03!
*It was a phenomenal success! Over 10,000 folks attended!
*Much thanx to the organizers who let me MC part of the show!
*more details & photos coming soon to https://www.skaparade.com
30. The Donkey Show – “Mr. Brown” [Unicorn]
31. The Toasters – “Sitting On Top Of The World” [Megalith-Jump Up!]
*from the 4 cd compilation:
*”Still Standing: A North America Ska Uprising”
32. The Nuckle Brothers – “Skateboarder” [Soapbox]
*this old school 3rd Wave OC Ska band
*had members that went on
*to Reel Big Fish, Save Ferris, & The Aquabats!
33. Dismissed – “Installed In Stone” [Indie Vision Music]
34. No Knife – “Minus One” [Time Bomb Recordings]
Camarillo, CA’s YELLOWCARD live!
*props out to Engineer Lil Orphen Andy!
35. Yellowcard – “Starstruck” [live on SP]
36. Yellowcard – “Sure Shot” [live on SP]
37. Yellowcard – “Underdog” [live on SP]
38. Yellowcard – “Drifting” [live on SP]
39. Yellowcard – “Big Apple Heartbreak” [live on SP]
40. The Sun – “Carry It All” [WB]
41. The Libertines – “I Get Along” [Rough Trade]
42. Switchfoot – “Adding To The Noise” [Red Ink]
43. Blackletter Days – “Escape The Gallows” [demo]

44. Less Than Jake – “She’s Gonna Break Soon” [Sire]
*from the cd “Anthem” (release: 5-20-03)
45. Descanso – “Let’s Steal The Earth” [Soop]
46. Idlewild – “Modern Way of Letting Go” [Capitol]
47. Purim – “Home” [demo]
48. Teachers Pet – “You’re Too Young” [SDMA]
*from the compilation “San Diego Music Awards 2001”
interview w/ San Diego, CA’s OFFSET!
49. Offset – “Intro” [demo]
50. Offset – “Your Shut Eyes” [demo]
51. Offset – “For A Bad Time, Call” [demo]
52. Offset – “Go Loco Promo” [live on Go Loco]
53. Offset – “The Thorn In Your Side” [demo]
54. Troy’s Bucket – “Jimmy’s Fault” [Anxious]
**CONCERT BOARD with the lovely GINA!
55. Division Of Laura Lee
– “We’ve Been Planning This for Years” [Burning Heart-Epitaph]
56. Supersuckers – “Rock-N-Roll Records
(Ain’t Selling This Year)” [Mid-fi Recordings]
*from the cd “Motherf**kers Be Trippin” (release: 4-22-03)
57. Noise Rachet – “Disappear” [The Militia Group]
58. Scrimmage Heroes – “Monarch Tears” [demo]
59. Jack The Original – “Back And Forth” [demo]
End of show!

Top 5:
1) The Postal Service – “Such Great Heights”
2) Radiohead – “Where I End And You Begin”
3) Switchfoot – “Adding To The Noise”
4) Descanso – “Let’s Steal The Earth”
5) Supersuckers – “Rock-N-Roll Records”
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