SP RADIO ONE (5-5-01)
Show #W014; Saturday, May 5, 2001 12pm-2pm PST
first hour: VELCRO live!
second hour: RIDEL HIGH reunion live!

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Nu.; Band; Song; Label
01. One Eye Open – “SP Radio One Metal Theme”/live on SP
02. Let’s Go Bowling – “Badminton On A Rope”/live on SP
(*underbed music)
03. Reel Big Fish – “Uniform Of Destruction”/A to Y Productions
*from the compilation
*”The Ska Parade: Runnin Naked Thru The Cornfield”
*catch RBF, Suburban Legends, & Limbeck on Tue. 5-15-01 (8p; a/a)
*@ House Of Blues, Anaheim, CA (714/778-2583 info)
*LISTEN TO WIN tickets to this concert on SP RADIO ONE!

04. H20 “Self Reliable”/MCA Records
*from the cd “Go” (release: 5-15-01)
05. Psoma – “She Kills Me”/Amherst House Records
06. Pinehurst Kids – “Spinning Out”/Barbaric Records
*from the cd “Bleed It Dry” (release: 5-08-01)
*world debut!
07. Echo & The Bunnymen – “Flowers”/SpinART Records
*from the cd “Flowers” (release: 5-22-01)
08. Lupine Howl – “Vaporizer”/Vinyl Hiss-Beggars Banquet Records
09. David Bryne – “Like Humans Do”/Luaka Bop Records
*from the cd “Look Into The Eyeball” (release: 5-8-01)
10. Fuzz Townsend w/ Rankin’ Roger – “Original Boom”/Stinky Records
11. No Motiv – “Celebrate”/Vagrant Records
12. Kenisia – “La Bamba”/Trash City Records
13. Badly Drawn Boy – “Disillusion”/XL Recordings-Beggars Group
14. The Speakeasies – “Story of A Girl, Part 1″/7 Wonders of The World
15. Delroy Wilson – “Give Love A Try”/Heartbeat Records
*from the compilation “Nice Up The Dance”
16. Toucans – “Cantina Band”/Tacky Tunes Records (*underbed music)
San Diego, CA’s VELCRO live!
*props out to Engineer Mike & Chain Reaction, Anaheim, CA!
17. Velcro – “T.V. In My Head”/live
18. Velcro – “Drive Thru”/live
19. Velcro – “Milk It For Everything”/live
20. Velcro – “Ridiculous-Just Like Me”/live
*dedicated to Petra Haden
21. Velcro – “Indian Giver”/live
22. Velcro – “Washing Machine”/live
23. One Eye Open – “SP Radio One Metal Theme”/live on SP
24. Eve featuring Gwen Stefani
– “Let Me Blow Ya Mind”/Ruff Ryders-Interscope Records
25. The Incredible Moses Leroy – “My Best Friend”/Ultimatum Music
26. The Weakerthans – “Exiles Amoung You”/Sub City Records
27. Stiff Richards – “Not From Here”/SOB Entertainment
28. Codename: Rocky – “Let You Go”/Orange Peel Records
*from the compilation “It’s All About The Punk Baby”
29. Weezer – “Knock-Down Drag-Out”/Geffen Records
*from the cd “Green Album” (release: 5-15-01)
*world debut!
30. Rilo Kiley – “Science Vs. Romance”/Rilo Records
31. The Killingtons – “Belly Dancer”/Crash Family Records
*The Killingtons last recorded performance
*featuring the original members will be live on SP next week!
32. Red Animal War – “Dark Country”/Deep Elm Records
33. Radiohead – “Pyramid Song”/Capitol Records
*from the cd “Amnesiac” (release: 6-5-01)
34. Evil Genius Orchestra – “Star Wars Main Title”/Oglio Records
(*underbed music)
Los Angeles, CA’s RIDEL HIGH reunion live!
*thanx out to Engineer Mike & Chain Reaction, Anaheim, CA!
35. Ridel High – “Battleship Gray”/live
36. Ridel High – “Self Destructive”/live
37. Ridel High – “180”/live
38. Ridel High – “Monsters Under Your Bed”/live
39. Ridel High – “Look At Me Now”/live
40. Ridel High – “Love My Way”/live
41. Doctor Madd Vibe – “Ska Parade”/live on SP
(*underbed music)
End of show!
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P.O. Box 1430
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email: kevin_ridel@yahoo.com
web: www.peelmusic.com

Want RIDEL HIGH’s music:
“‘Emotional Rollercoaster” cd (A&M Records)
“Recycle Bin” cd (Ridel High Records)
“Ridel High” 7-inch (Morpheus Records)
SP Radio One will commence:

airdate: May 12, 2001
first hour: ENDICOTT 8 live!
second hour: THE KILLINGTONS live!
*this is their last recorded performance
*featuring the original members!

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