GO LOCO with Tazy Phyllipz
92.1fm KFSD San Diego, CA
Sunday nights 6pm-10pm Pacific


GO LOCO on KFSD 92.1fm, San Diego, CA (7-27-03)
Show #GL024; Sunday, July 27, 2003 6pm-10pm Pacific

guests: FLIGHT RISK interview!
MEST interview!

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Nu.; Artist; Song; Label
01. The Crowd – “Go Loco Theme” [live on Go Loco]
02. Scrimmage Heroes – “Monarch Tears” [demo]
03. Lance’s Hero – “Cut Like Glass” [demo]
04. The Bipeds – “Midget Wolf Blitzer” [Handsome Bear]
05. Limbeck – “Go Loco Promo” [live on Go Loco]
06. Limbeck – “Julia” [Doghouse]
07. And Ors – “Flexiclocks” [Better Looking]
08. Mando Diao – “Sheepdog” [Mute]
09. Stairwell – “Disaster” [Hopeless-Sub City]
*from the compilation “Operation Punk Rock Freedom”
San Diego, CA’s FLIGHT RISK interview!
10. Flight Risk – “Go Loco Promo” [live on Go Loco]
11. Flight Risk – “All Good Things” [demo]
*email joelneph@sbcglobal.net
*see them live on Sat. 8-2-03
*@ Longshot’s Saloon in San Marcos, CA!
12. Soundtrak – “Curtains” [Ace Fu]
13. Locale A.M. – “These Are The Times” [Pop Smear]
14. Radio 4 – “Save Your City” [Vice-Wolfgang Morden]
*from the compilation cd “Yes New York”
15. DJ Monkey – “5th Ave. Jam” [demo]
16. The Fabulous Rudies – “Keep On Movin'” [Fun One]
17. The Forces Of Evil – “Fight” [self-release]
18. Off Track – “Library” [self-release]
19. Blackletter Days – “Escape The Gallows” [demo]

20. Fall Out Boy – “Go Loco Promo” [live on Go Loco]
21. Fall Out Boy – “Grand Theft Autumn
(Where Is Your Boy)” [Fueled By Ramen]
22. The Incredible Moses Leroy
– “My Best Friend” [Ultimatum Music]
23. Stunt Monkey – “Girlfriend Likes Girls” [UR Music Group]
24. Mind Driver – “Lesbian” [demo]
25. Off By One – “Untouchable” [LMC]
26. Ima Robot – “Dynomite” [Virgin]
*from the self titled cd (release: 9-16-03)
27. The Sounds – “Living In America” [New Line]
28. Rancid – “Fall Back Down” [Hellcat]
*from the cd “Indestructible” (release: 8-26-03)
29. I Voted For Kodos – “She Hates Ska” [Close To Nothing]
30. Evil Genius Orchestra – “The Throne Room” [Oglio]
(*underbed music)
Chicago, IL’s MEST interview!
*recorded backstage at Warped Tour
*Th. 7-10-03 @ Coor’s Amphitheatre, San Diego, CA!
31. Mest – “Go Loco Promo1” [live on GL]
32. Mest – “Jaded (These Years)” [Maverick]
featuring Benji Madden of Good Charlotte!
33. Mest – “Night Alone” [Maverick]
34. Mest – “Go Loco Promo2” [live on GL]
35. Mest – “Rooftops” [Maverick] 3:51
36. Sex-O-Rama – “Debby Does Dallas” [Oglio] (*underbed music)
37. Radio Free America – “Get Down On It” [Compound Ent.]
38. The Perils Of Being – “Consequence” [demo]
39. Jet – “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” [Elektra]
*from the cd “Jet” (release: 9-16-03)
40. The Ones – “Double Take Me Away” [demo]
41. Someone’s Hero – “Rockstar” [demo]

42. Switchfoot – “Go Loco Promo” [live on Go Loco]
43. Switchfoot – “Adding To The Noise” [Red Ink-Columbia]
44. Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
– “Hello” [Fat Wreck Chords]
45. Hello Goodbye – “I Saw It On Your Keyboard” [demo]
46. Miss White’s Monster
– “Running Thin” [demo]
47. Goodbye Blue Monday – “Christian Rock Anthem” [self-release]
48. C-Clan – “It’s Time” [demo]
49. Ugly Duckling – “Dumb It Down” [Emperor Norton]
50. Noise Ratchet – “When Losing Ends” [The Militia Group]
51. Toucans – “Cantina Band” [Tacky Tunes] (*underbed music)
Allston, MA’s PIEBALD live!
*props out to Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA
*and Engineers Chris Chin & Matt Sutton!
[set recorded 4/6/02]
52. Piebald – “American Hearts” [live on SP]
53. Piebald – “We Believe In Karma” [live on SP]
54. Piebald – “Just A Simple Plan” [live on SP]
55. Piebald – “King Of The Road” [live on SP]
56. Piebald – “Grace Kelly With Wings” [live on SP]
57. Piebald – “The Rock Revolution” [live on SP]
58. Sex-O-Rama – “Taboo” [Oglio] (*underbed music)
59. Thursday – “Signals Over The Air” [Island]
*from the cd “War All The Time” (release: 9-16-03)!
60. Jett – “Pass The Torch” [Alphabet]
61. The Drapes – “Face First In The Concrete” [Worldwide Concerts]

62. Controlling The Famous – “Plastic Emergency” [demo]
63. Rooney – “Go Loco Promo” [live on Go Loco]
64. Rooney – “I’m Shakin'” [Geffen]
65. happyendings – “Don’t Look Down” [demo]
66. Don’t Look Down – “Wake Me” [Nitro]
67. Brothers From Another Planet – “Go Off” [Wondertwins Ent.]
68. Level – “Living Inside Of Me” [Z-Muzik Group]
69. As I Lay Dying – “94 Hours” [Metal Blade]
70. Southbase – “Running Out Of Time” [demo]
featuring Nate Barcalow (Finch)
71. Finch – “Go Loco Promo” [live on Go Loco]
72. Finch – “Untitled” [Drive Thru-MCA]
73. Honor Wounds – “It’s All About You” [demo]
74. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Date With The Night” [Interscope-Dress Up]
75. A Static Lullaby – “Love To Hate, Hate To Me” [Ferret Music]
76. Underminded – “Break The Silence” [self-release]
77. Black Flag – “Nervous Breakdown” [SST]
78. Bad Brains – “Sailin’ On” [Caroline]
79. Acceptance – “Seeing Is Believing” [The Militia Group]
80. The Avalanches – “Etoh” [London-Sire] (*underbed music)
81. Rufio – “Go Loco Promo” [live on Go Loco]
82. Rufio – “Science Fiction” [Nitro]
End of show!

Top 5:
1) Fall Out Boy – “Grand Theft Autumn”
2) Rufio – “Science Fiction”
3) Rancid – “Fall Back Down”
4) Thursday – “Signals Over The Air”
5) The Sounds – “Living In America”

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