SP RADIO ONE on KFSD “Premium 92/1” (8-29-01)
Show #D011; Wednesday, August 29, 2001 10pm-12am Pacific
first hour: WILL HOGE live!
second hour: MIDTOWN live!

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Nu.; Band; Song; Label
01. One Eye Open – “SP Radio One Metal Theme”/live on SP
02. Let’s Go Bowling – “Badminton On A Rope”/live on SP
(*underbed music)
03. Alkaline Trio – “My Standard Break From Life”/Sub City-Asian Man
*from the compilation “Plea For Peace Take Action”
04. Badly Drawn Boy – “SP Radio One Promo”/live on SP
05. Badly Drawn Boy – “Everybody’s Stalking”/Beggars Group
06. Cake – “Pretty Pink Ribbon”/Columbia
07. The English Beat – “Click Click”/Go Feet-London
*from the cd
*”Beat This! The Best Of The English Beat” (release: 9-11-01)
08. SNMNMNM – “Punk Rock Girl”/Superpickle Music Arts
*from the compilation
*”Flogging A Dead Cow: A Tribute To The Dead Milkman”
*world debut!
09. The Suicide Machines – “The Killing Blow”/Hollywood
*from the cd “Steal This Record” (release: 9-25-01)
10. Saves The Day – “At Your Funeral”/Vagrant
11. Bush – “Speed Kills”/Atlantic
*from the cd “Golden State” (release: 10-23-01)
12. Toucans – “Cantina Band”/Tacky Tunes (*underbed music)
Nashville, TN’s WILL HOGE live!
13. Will Hoge – “Your Fool”/live
14. Will Hoge – “Let Me Be Lonely”/live
15. Will Hoge – “Wish”/live
16. Will Hoge – “Heartbreak Avenue”/live
17. Will Hoge – “Ms. Williams”/live
18. Will Hoge – “She Don’t Care About Me”/live
19. Will Hoge – “(Pretty Sure) I’m Over You”/live
20. Will Hoge – “Carousel”/live
21. Sex-O-Rama – “Taboo”/Oglio (*underbed music)
22. One Eye Open – “SP Radio One Metal Theme”/live on SP
23. Suburban Rhythm – “Game Show”/Solid Recordings
24. Sugarcult – “SP Radio One Promo”/live on SP
25. Sugarcult – “Stuck In America”/Ultimatum Music
*Sugarcult will be live on SP next week!
26. Llama -“Carry Me High”/MCA
27. Dismembership Plan – “Time Bomb”/Desoto
*from the cd “Change” (release: 10-22-01)
28. Ozomatli – “Vocal Artillery”/Almo Sounds-Interscope
featuring Wil.I.Am, Kanetic, Source, & Medusa
*from the cd “Embrace The Chaos” (release: 9-11-01)
29. Bjork – “Hidden Place”/Elektra
30. Phantom Planet – “California”/Epic
*from the cd “Phantom Planet Was Here” (release: Feb. 2002)
*world debut!
31. Colony – “Who I Wanted To Be”/Beyond Music
*from the cd “Who I Wanted To Be” (release: 9-11-01)
32. The Damned – “Democracy?”/Nitro
33. Evil Genius Orchestra – “The Throne Room”/Oglio (*underbed music)
Springfield, NJ’s MIDTOWN live!
*thanx out to Engineer Mike & Chain Reaction, Anaheim, CA!
34. Midtown – “Just Rock And Roll”/live
35. Midtown – “Resting Sound”/live
36. Midtown – “SP Radio One Promo”/live
37. Midtown – “No Place Feels Like Home”/live
38. Midtown – “Get It Together”/live
39. Midtown – “A Faulty Foundation”/live
40. Midtown – “Let Go”/live
41. Midtown – “Such A Person”/live
42. Doctor Madd Vibe – “Ska Parade”/live on SP
(*underbed music)
End of show!

Top 5: Midtown, Sugarcult, Will Hoge,
Phantom Planet, and SNMNMNM.

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SP RADIO ONE c/o Tazy Phyllipz
address: P.O. Box 5766, Irvine, CA 92616 USA
email: SPradio1@aol.com
webpage: SP RADIO ONE
You want to find out mo’ ’bout:
visit http://www.willhoge.com

Check out WILL HOGE’ music:
“Carousel” cd (demo)
*this will be released on Atlantic Records!
visit http://www.midtownrock.com

Check out MIDTOWN’s music:
“Midtown/Millencolin” split epcd (Golf Records – 2001)
“Midtown/The Donots” split 7-inch (Bushido Records – 2001)
“Save The World, Lose The Girl” cd (Drive Thru Records – 2000)
“Midtown/New Found Glory” split epcd (Drive Thru Records – 2000)
“Sacrifice Of Life” epcd (Pinball Records – 1999)

MIDTOWN is on the following compilations:
v/a “No-Fi Trash” (Floppy Cow Records – 2000)
v/a “You’ll Never Eat Fast Food Again” (Drive Thru Records – 2000)
v/a “Playing For Square” (Drive Thru Records – 1999)
v/a “Heal The Bay” (Mojo Records – 1999)
SP Radio One will commence on KFSD “Premium 92/1”:

airdate: September 5, 2001 “Preview of SD Street Scene”
first hour: COLIN HAY (MEN AT WORK) live!
second hour: SUGARCULT live!