*Crazy show! We're living up to the name GO LOCO!!!
*Lots of bands swinging by the station (on-air and behind the scenes)!
*Last week, I (Tazy) went and attended the San Diego Music Awards '03
*and had a great time!  Nice chatting with plenty of folks and bands I knew,
*as well as it was very nice to meet many new friends & bands too!
*So without further ado...
*please read & enjoy the entire SUPERSIZED playlist!

GO LOCO (with Tazy and Brennan) /
SP RADIO ONE (with Tazy Phyllipz)

92.1fm KFSD San Diego, CA
Sunday nights 6pm-12am Pacific


[playlist] GO LOCO / SP RADIO ONE
on KFSD 92.1fm, San Diego, CA (10-19-03)
Show #GL036; Sunday, October 19, 2003 6pm-12am Pacific

guests:      GOOD INTENTIONS interview!
                NOISE RATCHET interview!       
                DENVER HARBOR interview!
                ERIC ANDERS interview!
                 UGLY DUCKLING live!
Nu.;   Artist;           Song;                      Label       
6pm - GO LOCO (w/ Tazy & Brennan)
*sponsored by Vista Bail Bonds!

01. The Crowd - "Go Loco Theme" [live on Go Loco]
02. Windsor Hill Steppers – "Drum Song" [demo]
(*underbed music)
03. 18 Bones – "Drinks" [demo]
04. UNDERshade – "Too Late To Die" [demo]
05. Irradio – "Make This End" [Lola]
06. Skydiver – "Jonny On The Wire" [self-release]
07. Buckfast Superbee – "Faker" [Walking]
08. Other Natural Flavors
      – "Who Do You Think You Are" [Ken U Diggit]
09. No Knife – "The Red Bedroom" [Better Looking]
Encinitas, CA's GOOD INTENTIONS interview!
10. Good Intentions - "Go Loco Promo" [live on GL]
11. Good Intentions - "Binge Thinkin'" [demo]
12. Good Intentions – "Chariots Of Fire" [demo]
13. Good Intentions – "Loserz Lounge" [demo]
*for info: lexor101@hotmail.com

*see them live on Fri. 10-24-03 (21+; 8p)
*w/ Pepper & Innocent
*@ Longshot's Saloon in San Marcos, CA!
14. Pepper – "Give It Up" [Volcom]
15. Recipe - "Criticize" [demo]

16. Blink 182 - "Feeling This" [Geffen]
*from the cd "Blink 182" (release:  11-18-03)
17. Counterfit – "Better Late Than Never" [Negative Progression]
18. The Dragons – "Play For Keeps" [Gearhead]
19. Goodbye Blue Monday
      – "Christian Rock Anthem" [Loud + Clear]
20. The Incredible Moses Leroy featuring Miho Hatori
    - "The Color Of Sky" [Ultimatum Music] 
21. Red Channel Revue – "Become You" [demo]
22. Suntower – "I.B.C." [self-release]
23. Kut U Up – "Make It Out Alive" [Rowboat]
24. Divided By Zero – "Everyone (Is Living My Life)" [demo]
*see all three of these bands at our 1st ever "GO LOCO LIVE" concert!
*Wed. 10-22-03 @ Squid Joe's in Carlsbad, CA! (21+; 8p; $5)
*for info:  http://www.luckypresents.com.
San Diego, CA's NOISE RATCHET interview!
25. Noise Ratchet - "Go Loco Promo" [live on GL]
26. Noise Ratchet – "When Losing Ends" [The Militia Group]
27. Noise Ratchet – "Transfusion (demo)" [Island]
*from the compilation cd
*"Hard To Find:  An Island Rarities Compilation, Vol. 1"

28. Noise Ratchet
      - "Away To The Heart (Acoustic Version)" [Fearless]
*from the compilation "Punk Goes Acoustic" (release: 10-21-03).
29. Noise Ratchet – "A Way To The Heart" [The Militia Group]
*They are currently working with legendary producer Rick Rubin
*on their American Records' debut cd (release:  Winter 2004)!

*see Noise Ratchet live on Wed. 10-29-03 (a/a; 12p; free)
*@ Cal State Fullerton's Quad;

*Also, see them live on Fri. 11-28-03 (a/a; 7p)
*w/ Counterfit & Spare Change
*@ The Scene in San Diego, CA!
30. John-Mark – "Casual Deed" [demo]
*world debut!
31. C-Clan – "Sound System" [self-release]
32. Bad Credit – "Bill Gates (He Owes Me Five Bucks)" [Redroom]
33. Crown 10 – "Shine" [So Cal]
34. Suntower – "Goodbye" [self-release]
*see Suntower live on Wed. 10-22-03 (21+; 8p; $5)
*@ Squid Joe's in Carlsbad, CA!
San Marcos, CA's DENVER HARBOR interview!

*this band features ex-members of FENIX*TX!
*Also, we had Donnie (the original drummer
*of Riverfenix / FENIX*TX) in studio as well!
35. Denver Harbor - "Go Loco Promo" [live on GL]
36. Denver Harbor – "Picture Perfect" [demo]
37. Denver Harbor – "Satisfied" [demo]

38. Fenix*TX - "Tearjerker" [MCA-Drive Thru]
39. Denver Harbor – "Outta My Head" [demo]
40. Denver Harbor – "Way Back Home" [demo]
41. Denver Harbor – "Pop Manifesto" [demo]

*see Denver Harbor live on Fri. 11-8-03 (a/a; 12p)
*at "Ganesh Fest 2003"
*w/ Unwritten Law, Sprung Monkey, Agent 51, and many more!
*this is a benefit for Stand Up Kids!
*for info:  http://www.unwrittenlaw.com
42. ChChCh HaHaHa – "Breath In Breath Out" [demo]
*this band features the other ex-Fenix*TX members!
43. Pinback - "Tripoli" [Ace Fu]
44. The Drapes – "7 Seconds" [Worldwide]
45. The Avalanches - "Etoh" [London-Sire] (*underbed music)
46. Parker Theory – "Passport To Postcards" [self-release]
*world debut!

10pm - SP RADIO ONE (w/ Tazy)
47. One Eye Open - "SP Radio One Metal Theme" [live on SP]
48. Let's Go Bowling - "Badminton On A Rope" [live on SP]
(*underbed music)
49. Locale A.M. – "These Are The Times" [PopSmear]
50. Phantom Planet - "Big Brat" [Epic-Daylight]
*from the forthcoming cd "Forever" (release:  Winter 2004)!
51. The Start – "Big Shot" [demo]
*congrats to The Start for getting signed to Nitro Records!
Los Angeles, CA's ERIC ANDERS interview!
52. Eric Anders - "SP Radio One Promo" [live on SP]
53. Eric Anders - "Halcyon Days" [Baggage Room]
54. Eric Anders - "Not At One" [Baggage Room]
55. Eric Anders - "Struggle" [Baggage Room]
56. Eric Anders - "Leave You Doubtful" [Baggage Room]

*Eric Anders debut cd "Not At One" is now available
*at M-Theory Records in San Diego for the amazing price of $8.99!

*See Eric Anders live on Su. 10-26-03 (a/a; 8p; $5)
*@ LeStats, 3343 Adams Avenue in San Diego, CA!
*info: http://www.ericanders.com
57. The Polyphonic Spree
      – "Have A Day/Celebratory" [Hollywood-Good]
58. Cracker - "Ain't Gonna Suck Itself" [iMusic]
59. Thursday - "War All The Time" [Island]
60. Anti-Flag - "Turncoat" [Fat Wreck Chords]

61. MxPx - "Everything Sucks (When You're Gone)" [A&M]
62. Radio 4 - "Dance To The Underground" [Astralwerks-Labels]
63. Coheed And Cambria - "The Crowning" [Equalvision]
64. Sugarcult - "SP Radio One Promo" [live on SP]
65. Sugarcult - "Memory (Acoustic Version)" [Fearless]
*from the compilation "Punk Goes Acoustic" (release: 10-21-03).
66. South - "Loosen Your Hold" [Kinetic]
67. Toucans - "Cantina Band" [Tacky Tunes] (*underbed music)
Long Beach, CA's UGLY DUCKLING live!
*props out to Stellar & Engineer Lil Orphan Andy!
68. Ugly Duckling - "SP Radio One Promo" [live on SP]
69. Ugly Duckling - "Opening Act" [live on SP]
70. Ugly Duckling - "Pass It On" [live on SP]
71. Ugly Duckling - "Einstein's Takin' Off" [live on SP]
72. Ugly Duckling - "Eye On The Gold Chain" [live on SP]
73. Ugly Duckling - "Rio De Janeiro" [live on SP]
74. Ugly Duckling - "A Little Samba" [live on SP]
75. Ugly Duckling - "SP Radio One Promo1"  [live on SP]
76. Ugly Duckling - "Mr. Tough Guy" [live on SP]
77. Ugly Duckling - "Dumb It Down" [live on SP]
78. Ugly Duckling - "I Did It Like This" [live on SP]
79. Ugly Duckling - "Turn It Up" [live on SP]
80. Sex-O-Rama - "Taboo" [Oglio] (*underbed music)
81. Near Miss - "Let Go" [Fearless]
*Near Miss and the band ZAO
*will be live on SP Radio One next week!
82. Primus - "Pilcher's Squad" [Interscope-Prawn Song]
83. T.S.O.L. – "Serious" [Nitro]
84. Doctor Madd Vibe - "Ska Parade" [live on SP]
(*underbed music)
85. Loretta - "Adonais" [Benchmark]
End of show!

Top 5 "GO LOCO" picks: 
1) Noise Ratchet – "Transfusion (demo)"
2) Blink 182 - "Feeling This"
3) Denver Harbor – "Outta My Head"
4) Suntower – "I.B.C."
5) Parker Theory – "Passport To Postcards"

Top 5 "SP RADIO ONE" picks:
1) Ugly Duckling - "A Little Samba"
2) Anti-Flag - "Turncoat"
3) Coheed And Cambria - "The Crowning"
4) T.S.O.L. - "Serious"
5) Eric Anders - "Leave You Doubtful"

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*if you need a demo recorded for your band at a reasonable price,
*for info please email SPradio1@aol.com.
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1) Vista Bail Bonds

2) Suntower,
who are performing on Wed. 10-22-03
@ Squid Joe’s, 850 Tamarack Ave., Carlsbad, CA (21+; 8p; $5)
w/ Divided By Zero & Kut U Up!
*If you go, please say "You are there for Suntower!"

Suntower’s cd entitled "Not From Concentrate"
is now available at CDbaby dot com!

For more info:   http://www.suntower.net

Remember – see the band Suntower
performing live this Wednesday, October 22nd
at Squid Joe’s in Carlsbad. Be there!

3) Ice-O-Plex, Escondido, CA!

4) See LA based singer songwriter Eric Anders
perform live at LeStats, 3343 Adams Avenue in San Diego, CA
for an all ages show on Sunday, October 26th at 8pm.

CDbaby calls Eric Anders "one of the best cds they ever heard!"

Eric Anders debut cd "Not At One" is now available
at M-Theory Records in San Diego for the amazing price of $8.99.

And you may witness Eric Anders doing an in-store performance
earlier that day, Sunday October 26th at 3pm @ M Theory Records,
3004 Juniper Street in San Diego, CA.

For more info please visit

Remember:  see Eric Anders live @ LeStats in San Diego, CA
for an all ages show on Sunday, October 26th at 8pm!

5) Longshot's Saloon, San Marcos, CA!
Fri. 10-24-03 w/ Pepper, Good Intentions, & Innocent (21+; 8:30p);

6) Jumping Turtle Bar & Grill, San Marcos, CA!
*info:  760/471-7778.

7) Squid Joe's, Carlsbad, CA!
**see the1st ever "GO LOCO LIVE" concert!!!
*Wed. 10-22-03 @ Squid Joe's in Carlsbad, CA! (21+; 8p; $5)
*with Suntower, Divided By Zero, & Kut U Up!
*for info:  http://www.luckypresents.com.
You want to find out mo' 'bout:

Want UGLY DUCKLING's latest music:
"Taste The Secret" cd (Emperor Norton)

"Cali Comm Tour"
w/ Gouch & Eligh, Pigeon John, Lyrics Born, and Abstract Rude!
M. 10-20-03 @ House Of Blues, Anaheim, CA (21+; 7:30p; $20).
Tu. 10-21-03 @ The Belly Up Tavern, Solano Beach, CA (21+; 8p)
GO LOCO / SP RADIO ONE on KFSD 92.1fm will commence:
airdate:      October 26, 2003 "Halloween Edition!"
guests:      NEAR MISS live!
                ZAO live!

airdate:      November 2, 2003
guests:      !!! live!

*every Sunday night 6pm-12am Pacific
*on KFSD Premium 92.1fm !