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[playlist] GO LOCO on KFSD 92.1fm, San Diego, CA (4-13-03)
Show #GL009; Sunday, April 13, 2003 6pm-10pm Pacific

lots of show (so what else is new!) ...

Guests:      MELEE interview! ;
                LIMBECK interview!;
                MERCY ROAD interview! ;
                THE LINE live!
Nu.;   Band;    Song;                           Label
01. The Crowd - "Go Loco Theme" [live on Go Loco]
02. P.O.D. – "Sleeping Awake" [Reprise]
*from the soundtrack "The Matrix: Reloaded" (release: 5-6-03)
03. Reeve Oliver – "California" [Redsand]
04. Turkey Mallet – "House Of Death" [Immune]
05. Descanso - "Let's Steal The Earth" [Soop]
interviews w/ Anaheim, CA's MELEE,
and Laguna Niguel, CA's LIMBECK!
06. Melee - "Go Loco Promo" [live on Go Loco]
07. Melee - "Francesca" [Tankfarm]
*from the compilation "Best of Orange County, Vol. 1"
08. Melee - "Mestizos Love Song" [demo]
09. Limbeck - "Julia" [Doghouse]
*from the cd "Hi, Everything's Great" (release: 6-17-03)
10. Melee - "Julie's Piano" [demo]
11. Limbeck - "Wrote This Down" [Doghouse]
*from the cd "Hi, Everything's Great" (release: 6-17-03)
12. Eniac - "Skeleton Crew" [Crash And Burn]
13. Melee - "Routines" [demo]
14. Limbeck - "Go Loco Promo" [live on Go Loco]
15. Limbeck - "Brand New Orange" [Doghouse]
*from the cd "Hi, Everything's Great" (release: 6-17-03)

16. The Incredible Moses Leroy
                       - "My Best Friend" [Ultimatum Music]
17. A.M. Vibe – "Strawberry Pie" [SilverGirl]
18. Counterfit – "Better Late Than Never" [Negative Progression]
19. Plural – "Lady Liberty" [Nah Pescado]
20. Cranck - "You Got It" [Fun Time]
*this Belgium band's cd will be released in June 03!
21. Leroi - "Understand" [demo]
22. Rilo Kiley – "Spectacular Views" [Saddle Creek]
23. Saturday’s Child – "Destiny" [demo]
interview w/ San Diego, CA's MERCY ROAD!!
24. Mercy Road - "Go Loco Promo" [live on Go Loco]
25. Mercy Road - "House Of The Rising Sun" [demo]
*see Mercy Road live on Fri. 4-25-03
*@ Longshot's Saloon in San Marcos, CA!
26. Troy’s Bucket – "Jimmy’s Fault" [Anxious]
27. Buck-O-Nine - "A Few Too Many" [Taang!]
28. The Equators - "More Than A Person" [Ace Boon Tune]
29. The Donkey Show - "Mr. Brown" [Unicorn]
30. Dismissed - "Installed In Stone" [Indie Vision]

31. No Knife - "The Red Bedroom" [Better Looking]
32. Blackletter Days – "Escape The Gallows" [demo]
33. Idlewild - "You Held The World In Your Arms" [Capitol]
34. Cecilia Noel & The Wild Clams
      - "When U Get Old" [self-release]
35. Off Track - "Library" [self-release]
Costa Mesa, CA's THE LINE live!
*props out to Engineer Lil Orphen Andy & The C-Clan!
36. The Line - "Earthworm Crisis" [live on SP]
37. The Line - "Take What's Ours" [live on SP]
38. The Line - "D-Term Nation" [live on SP]
39. The Line - "Go Loco Promo" [live on SP]
40. The Line - "Cut Me" [live on SP]
41. Supersuckers - "Rock-N-Roll Records
                               (Ain't Selling This Year)" [Mid-fi Recordings]
*from the cd "Motherf**kers Be Trippin" (release: 4-22-03)
*Supersuckers will be live next week!
42. The Sh*tgiveits – "Eye For An Eye" [Industrial Strength]
43. Sonny Vincent - "Trans-Love" [Acetate]
44. Rocket From The Crypt – "I’m Not Invisible" [SideOneDummy]
*from the compilation "Atticus:  Dragging The Lake 2"
45. My Chemical Romance – "Drowning Lessons" [Eyeball]
46. Stellar – "Elixir" [demo]

47. Switchfoot – "Meant To Live" [Red Ink-Columbia]
*Switchfoot will be live on Go Loco in two weeks!
*Also, they will be performing on
*CBS' "The Late Late Show w/ Craig Kilborn" on 5-5-03!
48. Louden Swain - "Cast Off" [3 Car Wreckchords]
49. Rochelle, Rochelle - "I Do I Don't" [RNR Music]
50. The Sounds - "Living In America" [New Line]
*from the cd "Living In America" (release: 5-6-03)
51. One Track Mind
      - "Away From the Things Of Man" [self-release]
52. Roulette – "Farewell" [demo]
53. Longwave – "Can’t Feel A Thing" [Fenway-RCA]
54. The Pieces - "Soda Machine" [Benchmark]
55. lowcloudcover - "Passive Aggressive" [self-release]
56. Cursive - "Some Red Handed Slight Of Hand" [Saddle Creek]
57. Dogmatic - "What I Say" [self-release]
58. Stone Temple Pilots - "Naked Sunday" [Atlantic]
59. Planeside - "The Day The Wheel Kicked Out" [Surreal]
60. Via Satellite - "Obvious" [self-release]
End of show!

Top 5: 
1) Switchfoot - "Meant To Live"
2)  P.O.D. – "Sleeping Awake"
3) Supersuckers - "Rock-N-Roll Records"
4) Descanso - "Let's Steal The Earth"
5) The Sounds - "Living In America"
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