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[playlist] GO LOCO on KFSD 92.1fm, San Diego, CA (6-1-03)
Show #GL016; Sunday, June 1, 2003 6pm-10pm Pacific

guest:      ROCK KILLS KID live!

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Nu.;   Band;    Song;                           Label
01. The Crowd - "Go Loco Theme" [live on Go Loco]
02. Agent 51 - "Free-Wheel" [Adeline]
03. Counterfit – "Souvenir" [Negative Progression]
04. Saturday’s Child – "Destiny" [demo]
05. The Scooters - "This Is How It Ends" [Aeronaut]
06. The Jealous Sound - "Naive" [Better Looking]
*from the cd "Kill Them With Kindness" (release:  6-3-03)
07. The Forces of Evil - "Fight" [self-release]
08. Ozma - "Turtleneck Coverup" [Kung Fu]
09. Berkley Hart - "Go Loco Promo" [live on Go Loco]
10. Berkley Hart - "Lonely Town" [PSB]
11. The Postal Service – "Clark Gable" [Sub Pop]
12. The Format
      - "Let's Make This Moment A Crime" [Western Thread]
13. Limbeck - "Julia" [Doghouse]
*from the cd "Hi, Everything's Great" (release: 6-17-03)
14. Maya Marin — "You Came In" [Moving Mountains]
15. Descanso - "Green" [Soop]
16. Melee - "Mestizos Love Song" [demo]
17. Steadman - "No Big Deal" [Elektra]
*from the cd "Revive" (release: 7-15-03)

18. A.M. Vibe – "Strawberry Pie" [SilverGirl]
19. David Gahan - "Go Loco Promo" [live on Go Loco]
20. David Gahan - "Dirty Sticky Floors" [Reprise]
21. The Movielife - "Kelly Song" [Drive Thru]
22. Moving Units - "I Am" [Palm Pictures, LLC]
23. Pointless - "Circle Of Friends" [demo]
24. Thrice - "Under A Killing Moon" [SideOneDummy]
*from the compilation
*"Warped Tour 2003" (release: 6-3-03)!
25. Motion City Soundtrack
      - "Don't Call It A Comeback" [Epitaph]
*from the compilation "Punk-O-Rama 8"
26. Alastor - "Monopoly" [Gate-Crasher]
27. The Fabulous Rudies – "Forget It" [demo]
28. Leroi - "Understand" [demo]
29. Don't Look Down - "Wake Me" [Nitro]
30. Broken Bottles – "Kelly Osbourne" [Finger-Pogo Mortuary]
*from the "Not Pretty" epcd (release:  6-24-03)!
31. Parker Theory - "Chutes And Ladders" [self-release]
32. Off Track - "Library" [self-release]
33. Switchfoot - "Go Loco Promo" [live on Go Loco]
34. Switchfoot - "Dare You To Move" [Red Ink/Columbia]
35. The Pieces - "Soda Machine" [Benchmark]
36. In Living Memory - "Maybe Someday" [demo]
37. Copeland - "Brightest" [The Militia Group]

38. Noise Ratchet - "When Losing Ends" [The Militia Group]
39. Reeve Oliver – "I Want Burns" [Redsand]
40. Idlewild - "You Held The World In Your Arms" [Capitol]
41. The Mars Volta
      - "Roulette Dares (This Is The Haunt)" [Strummer-Universal]
*from the cd "De-Loused In The Comatorium" (release:  6-17-03)
*dedicated to Jeremy Michael Ward.
42. Offset - "Your Shut Eyes" [demo]
43. The Black Keys - "Hurt Like Mine" [Epitaph-Fat Possum]
44. Toucans - "Cantina Band" [Tacky Tunes]
(*underbed music)
Southern CA's ROCK KILLS KID live!
*props out to Stellar and Engineer Lil Orphen Andy !
*set recorded 5-10-03!
45. Rock Kills Kid - "Dream" [live on SP]
46. Rock Kills Kid - "Miracle" [live on SP]
47. Rock Kills Kid - "live on Go Loco" [live on SP]
48. Rock Kills Kid - "Be There" [live on SP]
49. Rock Kills Kid - "Immanuel" [live on SP]
50. Rock Kills Kid - "Again" [live on SP]
51. The Start – "Death Via Satellite" [demo]
*The Start will be live on Go Loco next week!
52. Death On Wednesday – "Simple Life" [Side Cho]
*D.O.W. will be live on Go Loco next week too!
53. Elefant - "Make Up" [Kemado]
54. Via Satellite – "Cliff" [Pseudocool]

55. Fallout Boy - "Grand Theft Autumn
                            (Where Is Your Boy)" [Fueled By Ramen]
56. The Flaming Sideburns - "Off Direction" [Jetset]
57. The Equators - "More Than A Person" [Ace Boon Tune]
58. The Sounds - "Seven Days A Week" [New Line]
59. The Beautiful Mistake – "Light A Match" [The Militia Group]
60. Stellar – "Elixir" [demo]
61. Less Than Jake - "Motown Never Sounded So Good" [Sire]
62. Tritium - "For You" [self-release]
63. Sven-Erik Seaholm
      - "Metronome" [Kitch & Sync Productions]
64. The Strangers Six — "What If Tonight" [demo]
65. Relient K
      - "Chapstick, Chapped Lips, & Things Like Chemistry" [Gotee]
66. Rooney - "Blueside" [Geffen]
67. Layover In Atlantis - "Hallway" [Mister Mystery]
68. Funhole - "What's Wrong" [demo]
69. Rocket From The Crypt – "Break It Up" [Interscope]
End of show!

Top 5: 
1) Fallout Boy - "Grand Theft Autumn"
2)  Noise Ratchet - "When Losing Ends"
3) Thrice - "Under A Killing Moon"
4) The Pieces - "Soda Machine"
5) The Sounds - "Seven Days A Week"
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