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[playlist] GO LOCO on KFSD 92.1fm, San Diego, CA (6-29-03)
Show #GL020; Sunday, June 29, 2003 6pm-10pm Pacific

guests:      THE SHOOTERS interview!
                GREG GINN (of BLACK FLAG) interview!
                FALL OUT BOY live!
                and INTERN CHRIS' birthday show!

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Nu.;   Band;    Song;                           Label
01. The Crowd - "Go Loco Theme" [live on Go Loco]
02. So. Cal's Shocks Of Mighty - "Terrible Grin" [self-release]
03. The Planet Smashers - "Mighty" [Stomp]
04. Augustana - "Lullaby" [self-release]
05. Los Machos - "Call Of The Viking" [Injoy]
06. This Holiday Life - "Come And Remain" [self-release]
07. The Crush - "Everyday Is Everything" [Adeline]
08. Radio 4 - "Save Your City" [Vice-Wolfgang Morden]
*from the compilation cd "Yes New York"
09. Junior Senior - "Go Junior, Go Senior" [Crunchy Frog]
10. And Ors "Flexiclocks" [Better Looking]
11. The Kick - "All The Way" [Dim Sum]
12. Reeve Oliver "I Want Burns" [Redsand]
San Marcos, CA's THE SHOOTERS interview!
13. The Shooters - "Go Loco Promo" [live on Go Loco]
14. The Shooters - "World Of Our Own" [demo]
15. The Shooters - "Take Advantage" [demo]
16. The Shooters - "Last Night" [demo]
17. The Shooters - "Shooters" [demo]
*see them live on Sat. 7-5-03
*@ Longshot's Saloon in San Marcos, CA!

18. Noise Ratchet - "When Losing Ends" [The Militia Group]
19. Slick Shoes - "Now's The Time" [SideOneDummy]
20. White Light Motorcade - "All Gone Again" [Octone]
21. Descanso - "Green" [Soop]
22. Happyendings - "Don't Look Down" [demo]
Long Beach, CA's GREG GINN (of BLACK FLAG) interview!
23. Fastgato - "So Far" [SST]
24. Greg Ginn - "Yes Officer" [Cruz]
25. HOR - "Why-Fi?" [SST]
26. Black Flag - "Jealous Again" [SST]
27. Black Flag - "Six Pack" [SST]
28. Fastgato - "That Way" [SST]
29. Black Flag - "Nervous Breakdown" [SST]
*visit http://www.sstsuperstore.com
*Greg Ginn has a ton of local dates in So. CA
*please check his website for show info!
*also, see a Black Flag reunion live on Fri. 9-12-03

*@ The Palladium, Hollywood, CA (a/a; 8p)
*all proceeds will benefit cat charities!

30. Switchfoot - "Go Loco Promo" [live on Go Loco]
31. Switchfoot - "Meant To Live" [Red Ink/Columbia]
32. A Static Lullaby
      - "Love To Hate, Hate To Me" [Ferret Music Group]
33. Radio Free America "Get Down On It" [Compound Ent.]
34. Don't Look Down - "Wake Me" [Nitro]
*Don't Look Down will be live next week on Go Loco!
35. Brand New - "Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades"
                           [Triple Crown-Razor & Tie]
36. Blackletter Days "Escape The Gallows" [demo]
37. Ugly Duckling - "The Confrontation" [Emperor Norton]
38. C-Clan - "It's Time" [demo]
39. Toucans - "Cantina Band" [Tacky Tunes]
(*underbed music)
Chicago, IL's FALL OUT BOY live!
*props out to Stellar & Engineer Lil Orphen Andy!
*set recorded 6-13-03!
40. Fall Out Boy- "Dead On Arrival" [live on SP]
41. Fall Out Boy- "Tell That Mick He Just Made
                             My List Of Things To Do Today" [live on SP]
42. Fall Out Boy - "Go Loco Promo 1" [live on SP]
43. Fall Out Boy- "Grenade Jumper" [live on SP]
44. Fall Out Boy- "Grand Theft Autumn
                            (Where Is Your Boy)" [live on SP]
45. Fall Out Boy - "Go Loco Promo 2" [live on SP]
46. Fall Out Boy- "Chicago Is So Two Years Ago" [live on SP]
47. Fall Out Boy- "Saturday" [live on SP]
48. Sex-O-Rama - "Taboo" [Oglio] (*underbed music)
49. Go Loco Staff & Vagary
                          - "Happy Birthday Intern Chris!" [live on Go Loco]
50. Controlling The Famous - "Plastic Emergency" [demo]
*Controlling The Famous will be live next week on Go Loco!
51. Pinback - "Microtonic Wave" [Absolutely Kosher]

52. Thrice - "All That's Left" [Island-Def Jam]
*from the cd:
*"The Artist in the Ambulance" (release:  7-22-03)
53. The Movielife - "Kelly Song" [Drive Thru]
54. Counterfit "Better Late Than Never" [Negative Progression]
55. Sense Field - "I Refuse" [Nettwerk America]
*from the cd "Living Outside" (release:  7-22-03)
56. A.M. Radio - "If This Is The End Of The World" [Elektra]
*from the cd "Radioactive" (release:  7-1-03)
57. Ima Robot - "Dynomite" [Virgin]
*from the self titled cd (release:  9-16-03)
58. The Locust - "Recyclable Body Fluids" [Anti-Epitaph]
59. As I Lay Dying - "94 Hours" [Metal Blade]
60. The Exploited - "F#@k The System" [Spitfire-Eagle Rock]
*yes, this is sanitized for airplay!
61. The Nuckle Brothers "Skateboarder" [Soapbox]
*this old school 3rd Wave OC Ska band
*had members that went on
*to Reel Big Fish, Save Ferris, & The Aquabats!
62. Suburban Legends
      - "All The Nights (new version)" [self-release]
63. Rooney - "I'm Shakin'" [Geffen]
64. Other Natural Flavors - "Jenny" [Ken U Diggit]
65. Kristin Mainhart - "Comfortable" [Khromozones Ent.]
66. Rat City Riot - "Better Off" [demo]
67. The Drapes - "Face First In The Concrete" [Worldwide Concerts]
68. Rufio - "Science Fiction" [Nitro]
End of show!

Top 5: 
1) Rufio - "Science Fiction"
2) Fall Out Boy - "Grand Theft Autumn"
3) Thrice - "All That's Left"
4) Ima Robot - "Dynomite"
5) Pinback - "Microtonic Wave"

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