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Sunday, September 28, 2003
KFSD/San Diego
92.1 FM

Ima Robot – "Alive" [Virgin]
Ima Robot – "Let’s Talk Turkey" [Virgin]
Ima Robot – "Black Jettas" [Virgin]
Ima Robot – "Sex Symbols On Parade" [Virgin]
Ima Robot - "12=3 (Here Comes The Doctor)" [Virgin]
Ima Robot – "Dynomite" [Virgin]
The Forces of Evil—dance the night away [self-release]
Rufio—set it off [nitro]
Coheed & Cambria—devil in jersey city [equal vision]
Interpol—obstacle 1 [matador]
The Rapture—house of jealous lovers [dfa/mercury]
T.S.O.L.—serious [nitro]
The Bronx—they will kill us (without mercy) [white drugs/ferret]

The Adolescents - "No Way" [live on SP]
The Adolescents - "Creatures" [live on SP]
The Adolescents - "Self Destruct" [live on SP] 
The Adolescents - "Losing Battle" [live on SP] 
The Adolescents - "Kids" [live on SP] 
The Adolescents - "Amoeba" [live on SP]
Souls Of Mischief—spark [chocolate industries]
Thursday—signals over the air [island]
The Fags—truly truly [idol]
The Matches—audio blood [self release]
The New Pornographers—the laws have changed [mint/matador]
Drifting Sand—surfing with Brittany [pina colada]
Motor Ace—pieces [doublethink]
Eric Anders—halcyon days [baggage room]
Spiritualized—she kissed me (it felt like a hit) [sanctuary]


GO LOCO 9/28/2003

Pepper--boot [volcom]
Lance's Hero--eyes wide shut
Pinwheel--small and weak
Saturday's Child--destiny [demo]
POD--will you [atlantic]
Finch--worms of the earth
Rocket From The Crypt--california nights [swami]
3 Against 1--25 to life [demo]
Suntower--ibc [demo]
The Beautiful Mistake--stavesail [sub city]
The Perils of Being--consequence [demo]
The Perils of Being--hopeless [demo]
The Perils of Being--vip [demo]

This Holiday Life--come and remain [demo]
Switchfoot--meant to live [sony/red ink]
Off Track--library
Pinback--penelope [ace fu]
Honey Bucket--king of the road [demo]
Counterfit--better late than never [negative progression]
No Knife--the red bedroom [better looking]
DNA--rappin [whiskey]
Shocks of Mighty--sky is blue [self-release]
FM Revolver--black dove [demo]
Agent 51--free wheel [adeline]
Kramer's Rule--converge [demo]

Goodbye Blue Monday Set (available from tazy, or I'll email it tomorrow
[it's at work])
Offset--shut your eyes
Undershade--apologies johnny [demo]
Skydiver--johnny on the wire [self release]
Bad Credit--you love it but you dis it [redroom]
Skydiver--picture perfect silence [self release]
The Dragons--sin salvation [gearhead]
Noise Rachet--when losing ends [militia group]
Prizefight--loud/audible [loud & clear]

Other Natural Flavors--jenny [ken u. diggit]
Kut You Up--s&m dens [rowboat]
Steve Poltz--chinese vacation [demo]
Pinback--concrete seconds [ace fu]
Good Intentions--loserz lounge [demo]
Off By One--untouchable [LMC]
CH CH CH HA HA HA--beauty marks
CH CH CH HA HA HA--breath in breath out
Irradio--make this end [lola]
Hot Snakes--u.s. Mint [swami]
The Drapes--7 seconds [worldwide concerts]
Rochelle Rochelle--fragment [rnr]
Controlling The Famous--plastic emergency [self release]