[playlist] SP RADIO ONE (12-02-00)
Show #W006; Saturday, December 2, 2000 12pm-2pm PST
Guests: "Tazy's Birthday Special"
first hour: THE SALTEENS live!
second hour: SLENDER live! (ex-Swim Herschel Swim)

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Nu.; Band; Song; Label
01. Ocean 11 - "Happy Birthday (Tazy)"/live on SP
*from Tazy's birthday radio show in 1993!
02. One Eye Open - "SP Radio One Metal Theme"/live on SP
03. Let's Go Bowling - "Badminton On A Rope"/live on SP
(*underbed music)
04. Ultimate Fakebook
- "Tell Me What You Want"/550 Music-Epic Records
05. Superdrag - "Keep it Close To Me"/Arena Rock Recording Co.
06. The Equators - "More Than A Person"/Ace Boon Tune
07. Weezer - "Christmas Song"/KROQ-Island Def Jam Records
*from the compilation "Kevin & Bean: The Real Slim Santa"
08. The Aquabats - "You Say It's Your Birthday (Tazy)"/live on SP
*to The Beatles' tune "Birthday"
*from Tazy's birthday radio show in 1994!
09. The Good Life - "The Moon Red Handed"/Better Looking Records
10. Blue Meanies "All The Same"/MCA Records
11. Weston - "To Some I'm Genius"/Mojo Records
12. Toucans - "Cantina Band"/Tacky Tunes Records (*underbed music)
Vancouver, BC's THE SALTEENS live!
*thanx out to Engineer Mike & Chain Reaction, Anaheim, CA!
13. The Salteens - "Kelly Nicoll"/live
14. The Salteens - "Bubba Da"/live
15. The Salteens - "The Best Thought"/live
16. The Salteens - "Guy Dog"/live
17. The Salteens - "Culture"/live
18. The Salteens - "Crash The Market"/live
19. The Salteens - "Showstopper"/live
20. The Salteens - "Motor Away"/live
21. The Salteens - "Tomorrow"/live
22. The Salteens - "Summer's Gone"/live
23. The Salteens - "Emptyhead"/live
24. The Salteens - "Caught At The Cusp"/live
25. The Salteens - "Nice Day"/live
26. One Eye Open - "SP Radio One Metal Theme"/live on SP
27. Moby featuring Gwen Stefani - "Southside"/V2 Records
28. Less Than Jake - "Magnetic North"/Fat Wreck Chords
29. Alkaline Trio - "Crawl"/Vagrant Records
*world debut!
*from the compilation "Another Year On The Streets"
30. Groovie Ghoulies - "Happy Birthday (Tazy)"/live on SP
*from Tazy's birthday program in 1998!
31. Belvedere - "Mediator"/Jump Start Records
*Belvedere will be live on SP next week!
32. Bruise - "Girls Best Friend"/demo
*one of the cool acts I met on my recent holiday in the UK!
33. Winnie The Pooh Singers
- "Birthday, Birthday"/Disneyland Records
34. At The Drive In - "Invalid Letter Dept."/Grand Royal Records
*catch ATDI on CBS' "Late Show w/ David Letterman" on Dec. 14, 2000!
35. Evil Genius Orchestra - "Star Wars Main Title"/Oglio Records
(*underbed music)
San Francisco, CA's SLENDER live!
*features ex-Swim Herschel Swim members!
36. Slender - "Pleasanton"/live
37. Slender - "Plumber John"/live
38. Slender - "No Love"/live
39. Slender - "Dirt Nap"/live
40. Slender - ".08"/live
41. Slender - "Sad Ending"/live
42. Slender - "Wayne"/live
43. Slender - "City For Sell"/live
44. Slender - "CCYS"/live
45. Slender - "Big River"/live
46. Slender - "Lil' Debby"/live
47. Doctor Madd Vibe - "Ska Parade"/live on SP
(*underbed music)
End of show!
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San Francisco, CA 94118

email: houseblewup@yahoo.com

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airdate: December 9, 2000
first hour: BELVEDERE live!
second hour: PSOMA live!

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