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*Hello Everyone,

*Long time, no email!
*Below is the playlist from my latest supersized program!

*first, I hope everyone is doing well!

*second – SP Radio One will now be heard
on a new commercial alternative station!!!
It’s called KROG “97 The Rogue,” Medford, OR
(and my program will air Sundays 6p-7p Pacific!)

*Additionally, I’m still doing the “Tazy’s New Music Spotlight”
feature that airs Tuesdays during Steph & Web’s Morning Show
heard on “97 The Rogue!”

*and so you know:

I am still in Irvine, CA & will be producing the programs from my studio!
See below for my current contact information!
I am currently producing the first month of programs,
so please make sure you get me your artists’ & bands cds my way asap!

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So now without further ado…
here’s this week’s SUPERSIZED playlist!

SP RADIO ONE (with Tazy Phyllipz)


SP RADIO ONE (5-30-04)
Show #W024; Sunday, May 30, 2004 6pm-11pm Pacific

guests: Anaheim’s STARPOOL interview!
*featuring ex-members of Save Ferris /
Freakdaddy / No Doubt / and Gameface!
Swedens’ MANDO DIAO live!
and San Diego’s SWITCHFOOT live!

**broadcast is a continuous stream,
so please allow for broadcast cycle to finish
to hear the program from beginning to end.
Nu.; Artist; Song; Label
001. One Eye Open – “SP Radio One Metal Theme” [live on SP]
002. Let’s Go Bowling – “Badminton On A Rope” [live on SP]
(*underbed music)
003. Acceptance – “SP Radio One Promo” [live on SP]
004. Acceptance – “Seeing Is Believing” [The Militia Group]
005. Azure Ray – “New Resolution” [Saddle Creek]
Anaheim, CA’s STARPOOL interview!

*featuring ex-members of Save Ferris /
*Freakdaddy / No Doubt / and Gameface!
006. Starpool – “It’s Alright” [demo]

*Please visit
*and help assist Eric Zamora of Starpool / Save Ferris,
*who was recently hospitalized w/o medical insurance!
007. Bluntside – “Come Home” [demo]
008. Decendents “Bill Stevenson ID” [Cornerstone]
*from the compilation “Cornerstone Player 49”
009. Descendents – “Nothing With You” [Fat Wreck Chords]
010. The Von Steins – “Wavelength” [demo]
011. The Shore – “Hold On” [Maverick]
012. The Von Bondies – “C’mon C’mon” [Sire-Reprise]
013. Two Years Later – “Rollercoaster” [demo]
*RIP OC’s Two Years Later!
014. Happylife – “The Way You Hate Me” [A&R Worldwide]
*from the compilation “A&R Worldwide Unearthed Vol. 1”
015. Parker Theory – “Chutes And Ladders” [self-release]
016. Apollo Sunshine – “I Was On The Moon” [SpinArt]
017. Toucans – “Cantina Band” [Tacky Tunes] (*underbed music)
Borlänge, Sweden’s MANDO DIAO live!
*props to engineer Adam Nicholas & Stellar Studios!
018. Mando Diao – “Sweetride” [live on SP]
019. Mando Diao – “Lady” [live on SP]
020. Mando Diao – “SP Radio One Promo” [live on SP]
021. Mando Diao – “Mr. Moon” [live on SP]
022. Mando Diao – “Motown Blood” [live on SP]
023. Mando Diao – “SheepDog” [live on SP]
024. Sex-O-Rama – “Taboo” [Oglio] (*underbed music)
025. Buchanan – “Reborn” [Ultimatum]
026. Melee – “The Curse” [Sub City]
*from the forthcoming cd “Everyday Behavior” (release: 6-29-04)
*world debut!
027. C-Clan – “Sound System” [self-release]
*It’s a hip hop version of Operation Ivy’s classic song!

028. Toots & The Maytals – “Monkey Man” [V2]
Featuring No Doubt
029. Tsar – “The Love Explosion” [Hollywood]
*from the cd “Bands Girls Money” (release: Summer 04).
030. Rodney Bingenheimer – “What Kind Of Music Is This” [Shout!]
*from the soundtrack to “Mayor Of The Sunset Strip”
031. X – “Los Angeles (live)” [Shout!]
*from the soundtrack to “Mayor Of The Sunset Strip”
032. The Bronx “SP Radio One Promo” [live on SP]
033. The Bronx – “Heart Attack American” [White Drugs-Ferret]
034. The Skeletones – “Jill Victoria” [MJC Inc.]
035. theSTART – “the 1234” [Nitro]
036. Earth The Californian Love Dream – “In The Garden” [Random]
037. Franz Ferdinand – “Take Me Out” [Domino]
038. Limbeck – “Julia” [Doghouse]
039. Ima Robot – “SP Radio One Promo” [live on SP]
040. Ima Robot – “Alive” [Virgin]
041. Offwhite – “Evil Thoughts” [I AM Entertainment]
042. Green Day – “The Judge’s Daughter” [Lookout!]
043. Probot – “Shake Your Blood” [Southern Lord]
*features Dave Ghrol & Lemmy (Megadeth)!
044. Muse – “Time Is Running Out” [Taste Media-WB]
045. Stellar – “Amnesia” [demo]
046. Simon Stinger – “Presence Of Love” [self-release]
047. Denver Harbor – “Outta My Head” [demo]
048. Morrissey – “Irish Blood, English Heart” [Attack]
049. The Colour “SP Radio One Promo” [live on SP]
050. The Colour – “Out And About” [demo]
*The next Tazy’s New Music Spotlight will feature The Colour!
051. Supersuckers – “Hey Ya” [Mid-Fi Recordings]
*from the “Fan Club #4” epcd!
052. Facing New York – “No” [self-release]
*New band features exLocale AM members!

053. Phantom Planet – “The Happy Ending” [Epic]
054. Uma Thurman
– “A Few Words From The Bride” [A Band Apart-Maverick]
*from the soundtrack to “Kill Bill, Vol. 2”
055. Shivaree – “Goodnight Moon” [A Band Apart-Maverick]
*from the soundtrack to “Kill Bill, Vol. 2”
056. Madcap – “Lovesick” [Victory]
057. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – “Long Shadow” [Hellcat]
058. H Is Orange – “Right Now” [demo]
059. The Mars Volta
– “Son Et Lumiere/Inertiatic Esp” [Strummer/Universal]
060. The Checkers – “You Don’t Wanna Know” [Teenacide]
061. Magna-Fi – “Where Did We Go Wrong” [Aezra]
062. The Equators – “Mr. Copper” [Ace Boon Tune]
063. The Forces Of Evil – “SP Radio One Promo” [live on SP]
064. The Forces Of Evil – “Fight” [Mojo-Jive]
065. Face The Fact – “Hunt You Down” [self-release]
066. Coheed & Cambria – “SP Radio One Promo” [live on SP]
067. Coheed And Cambria – “The Crowing” [Equalvision]
068. DJ Danger Mouse – “99 Problems” [self-release]
069. The Get Up Kids – “How Long Is Too Long” [Vagrant]
070. 50 Cent Haircut – “Learn To Spell” [self-release]
071. Brandtson – “King of Pain” [The Militia Group]
*from the compilation “Hello We Are The Militia Group.”
072. Manic Hispanic – “Creeper Is A Lowrider” [BYO]
*This all-star band includes members of The Adolescents!
*The Adolescents will be live on the next episode of SP Radio One!
073. Cordalene – “Would It Have Killed You” [Manic Pop Thrill]
074. Cat Goscovitch – “In The Name Of You” [demo]
075. Maroon5 – “SP Radio One Promo” [live on SP]
*congrats to Maroon5 for going platinum!
*They received their 1st airplay from SP Radio One!

076. Evil Genius Orchestra – “The Throne Room” [Oglio]
(*underbed music)
San Diego, CA’s SWITCHFOOT live!
*props out to Stellar, Something Corporate,
and Engineers Lil Orphen Andy & Ryan Nichols!

*My recent program @ KFSD, Carlsbad /San Diego, CA was ground zero
*for their latest cd “The Beuatiful Letdown!,” which recently went platinum!
*So, to celebrate – here’s Switchfoot live on SP Radio One!
077. Switchfoot – “live on SP Radio One” [live on SP]
078. Switchfoot – “Dare You To Move” [live on SP]
079. Switchfoot – “Ammunition” [live on SP]
080. Switchfoot – “This Is Your Life” [live on SP]
081. Switchfoot – “Learning To Breathe” [live on SP]

082. Switchfoot – “The Beautiful Letdown” [live on SP]
083. Switchfoot – “New Way To Be Human” [live on SP]
084. Switchfoot – “You Already Take Me There” [live on SP]
085. Switchfoot – “Meant To Live” [live on SP]
086. Sex-O-Rama – “Taboo” [Oglio] (*underbed music)

087. Sugarcult – “SP Radio One Promo” [live on SP]
088. Sugarcult – “Memory” [Fearless-Ultimatum]
089. Ozomatli – “Saturday Night” [Concord]
*from the cd “Street Signs” (release: 6-22-04)
090. The Reputation – “SP Promo One Promo” [live on SP]
091. The Reputation – “Let This Rest” [Lookout!]
*The Reputation will be live on the next episode of SP Radio One!
092. Sue Generis – “One By One” [Eat My]
093. Weezer – “Susanne” [ Geffen-Chronicles]
*from the 2cd “Weezer Blue Album Deluxe Edition”
094. Handsome Devil – “What You See” [DGC]
095. Piebald – “Human Taste Test” [Side One Dummy]
096. Soundtrak – “Curtains” [Ace Fu]
097. Hello Goodbye – “SP Radio One Promo” [live on SP]
098. Hello Goodbye – “Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn” [Drive Thru]
099. Local H – “California Songs” [Studio E]
100. Lit – “Times Like This” [DRT-Nitrus]
*from their forthcoming cd (release: June 04)
101. The Aggrolites – “Pop The Trunk” [Axe]
102. The Killers – “Somebody Told Me” [Island]
*from the cd “Hot Fuss” (release: 6-15-04)
103. The Matches – “Dog-Eared Page” [Epitaph]
104. Sahara Hotnights “SP Radio One Promo” [live on SP]
105. Sahara Hotnights – “Fire Alarm” [Jetset]
106. The Format – “Let’s Make This Moment A Crime” [Elektra]
107. Elan Atias – “Slave To Love” [Maverick]
featuring Gwen Stefani (No Doubt)
*from the soundtrack to “50 First Dates”
108. Scarlet Crush – “Hand Of Love” [Rochester]
109. Doctor Madd Vibe – “Ska Parade” [live on SP]
(*underbed music)
110. Dramarama – “Goodnight America” [self-release]
*from the forthcoming cd “Everybody Dies”
End of show!

Top 5 “SP RADIO ONE” picks:
1) Sugarcult – “Memory”
2) Switchfoot – “This Is Your Life”
3) The Colour – “Out And About”
4) Tsar – “The Love Explosion”
5) Melee – “The Curse”
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