Show #007; Wednesday, February 21, 1990 12:00pm ’til 1:00pm Pacific
Segment: “Tazy & Albino Go To The Grammys!”
Nu.; Band; Song; Label
Segment: “Tazy & Albino Go To The Grammys!”
01. Let’s Go Bowling – “Badminton on A Rope”/Spare Records
02. Maroon Town – “Goodbye To The Empire”/Staccato-Link Records
03. Albino Brown – “Would You Like To Swing on A Star”/live
04. The Trojans – “The Train Is Coming”/Gaz’s Rockin’ Records
05. Arthur Kay And The Originals – “Sooty Is A Rudie”/Skank-Link Records
06. Bim Skala Bim – “KUCI ID”/live on Ska Parade
07. Bim Skala Bim – “The Key”/Ska Records
08. Albino Brown – “Beat Street”/live
09. Bad Manners – “Lip Up Fatty (live)”/Link Records
10. Mr. Review – “Buf Buf”/Unicorn Records
11. Casino Royale – “Soon You’ll Be Gone”/Unicorn Records
12. Albino Brown – “Playin’ With The Queen Of Hearts”/live
13. Joya Landis – “Angel In The Morning”/Trojan Records
14. The Ska Flames – “Do The Mule”/Gaz’s Rockin’ Records
15. Albino Brown – “I Love A Parade”/live
16. Lint of Operation Ivy – “Healthy Body Introduction”/live on Ska Parade
*from the original The Ska Parade Radio Documentary
*”3rd Wave Ska from the U.S.A.” (aired: Nov. 15, 1989)
17. Operation Ivy – “Healthy Body”/Lookout! Records
18. Albino Brown – “Riding The Chariot”/live
*gave away a Zoot! skazine to caller 3.5!
*talked about The English Beat reunion @ Berkeley, CA in April, 1990!
19. Albino Brown – “Three Coins In A Fountain”/live
20. Albino Brown – “Tomato, Tomatoe”/live
21. The Busters – “Do You Know What You Do”/Weserlabel
22. Skaos – “These Boys”/Unicorn Records
23. Albino Brown – “It’s A Dream Sequence”/live
24. Albino Brown – “When You Wish Upon A Ska”/live
25. Off The Shelf – “Ms. Jamaica”/Skank-Link Records
26. Albino Brown – “Dog Without A Leash”/live
27. Albino Brown – “Various Love Poems”/live
28. The Upsetters – “Live Injection”/Trojan Records
29. Skaos – “The Munsters”/Unicorn Records
30. Prince Buster & The Trojans – “Dance Cleopatra (live)”/Blue Beat Records
End of Show
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