Show #010; Wednesday, March 14, 1990 12:00pm ’til 1:00pm Pacific
Guest: NO DOUBT interview!
Nu.; Band; Song; Label
01. Albino Brown – “This Is The Ska Parade”/live
02. The Trojans – “Gaelic Ska”/Gaz’s Rockin’ Records
03. Mr. Review – “Scars On Our Soul”/Unicorn Records
04. The Ska Flames – “Christine Keiler”/Gaz’s Rockin’ Records
05. The English Beat – “Ranking Full Stop (live)”/Chrysalis
*talked about The English Beat reunion @ Berkeley, CA in April 21, 1990!
06. Albino Brown – “Parsley-Parsnip”/live
Anaheim, CA’s NO DOUBT interview!
*Tom Dumont swings by for a live interview!
07. No Doubt – “Up Yours Intro”/live on Ska Parade
*from the original The Ska Parade Radio Documentary
*”3rd Wave Ska from the U.S.A.” (aired: Nov. 15, 1989)
08. No Doubt – “Up Yours”/demo
09. Albino Brown – “M.A.D.D”/live
*the speech that got AB kicked out of speech club in high school!
10. No Doubt – “Where’s Your Lovin'”/demo
*Tom Dumont tells of No Doubt’s beginnings!
11. No Doubt w/ Angelo Moore (of Fishbone) – “Doormat”/demo
*Produced by Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers!
12. Laurel Aitken – “Witchdoctor From Amsterdam”/Unicorn Records
13. Spider of The Potato 5 – “Ska Parade Promo”/live on Ska Parade
*outake from the original The Ska Parade Radio Documentary
*”3rd Wave Ska from the U.S.A.” (aired: Nov. 15, 1989)
14. Potato 5 – “Sally Brown”/live @ The Country Club, Reseda, CA
15. The Hotknives – “Dust Of Death (live)”/Skank-Link Records
16. The Riffs – “Peter Gunn”/Skank-Link Records
17. Albino Brown – “Everybody Needs Somebody”/live
18. Albino Brown – “‘Walking In The Fog’ by Margaret Hillart”/live
*this is Albino’s 3rd Grade poem!
19. The Busters – “In A Sentimental Mood”/Unicorn Records
20. The Donkey Show – “Insomnia”/Unicorn Records
21. The Toasters – “Johnny Go Ska”/Moon Records
End of Show
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“demo #3” CS (1990)
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“demo #2” CS (1989)
“demo #1” CS (1989)

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March 24, 1990 @ Spanky’s Cafe in Riverside, CA
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April 12, 1990 @ The Roxy, Hollywood, CA
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