Show #380; Saturday, February 7, 1998 12:00pm ’til 2:00pm Pacific
first hour: THE CHUBBIES live!
second hour: THE GADJITS live!
Nu.; Band; Song; Label
01. One Eye Open – “The Ska Parade Metal Theme”/A to Y Productions
02. Let’s Go Bowling – “Badminton On A Rope”/A to Y Prod. (*underbed music)
03. The Siren Six! – “This Can’t Be What I Meant”/live on Ska Parade
04. Bad Manners – “Happiness”/Moon Ska Records
05. Dennis Brown – “Money In My Pocket”/Mango Records
06. Suburban Rhythm – “Coming Out Of The Woodwork”/Solid Recordings
07. Punch The Clown – “Love, James”/live on Ska Parade
08. Toucans – “Cantina Band”/Toucan Music (*underbed music)
Nebo, IL’s THE CHUBBIES live!
09. The Chubbies – “Young Idea”/live
10. The Chubbies – “Heather Dances By Herself”/live
11. The Chubbies – “No Ego”/live
12. The Chubbies – “Can I Call You Daddy (When We Make Love)”/live
13. The Chubbies – “Shut Up Now”/live
14. The Chubbies – “Boys Don’t Matter”/live
15. The Chubbies – “Living In Hell”/live
16. The Chubbies – “Matty Loyal”/live
17. The Chubbies – “The Vegas Song (I’m Still Here)”/live
18. The Chubbies – “Play Me”/live
19. Grovers – “There You Are”/Big Mama Records
20. One Eye Open – “The Ska Parade Metal Theme”/A to Y Productions
21. The Untouchables – “Tropical Bird”/Dolomite Records
22. Freakdaddy – “The One To Say”/live on Ska Parade
23. The Donkey Show – “Selling Toes”/A to Y Productions
*world debut from the full length Donkey Show CD
*”Just Can’t Get Enough of…The Donkey Show”
*release date March 1998!
24. See Spot – “After Hours”/demo
25. The Skatalites – “Black Joe”/VP Records
26. Lester “Ska” Sterling – “Ska Parade Promo”/live on Ska Parade
27. The Skatalites – “Baby Elephant Walk”/VP Records
28. BoitoVision – “Big Bamboo”/A to Y Productions
*all-star band that features Greg Lee (Hepcat), DJ Zimbobway, and more!
*track from: “The Ska Parade: Runnin’ Naked Thru The Cornfield”
29. Ocean 11 – “The Best Of Love (live)”/A to Y Productions
*from the KUCI benefit CD “Step On It”
30. The Slackers – “Watch This”/Triple Crown Records
31. Toucans – “Cantina Band”/Toucan Music (*underbed music)
Kansas City, MO’s THE GADJITS live!
32. The Gadjits – “Beautiful Girl”/live
33. The Gadjits – “Trusted”/live
34. The Gadjits – “Bullet In the Mattress”/live
35. The Gadjits – “B.C.”/live
36. The Gadjits – “Seat 6″/live
37. The Gadjits – “Tell Yourself”/live
38. The Gadjits – “Outsider”/live
39. Doctor Madd Vibe – “Ska Parade”/A to Y Productions (*underbed music)
End of Show
The Ska Parade contact info:

A to Y Productions (The Ska Parade)
c/o Tazy Phyllipz (Producer & Host)
address: P.O. Box 5766, Irvine, CA 92616
email: skaparade@aol.com
webpage: http://www.rudenet.com/skaparade
You want to find out mo’ ’bout:
THE CHUBBIES write to:
P.O. Box 231-A, Nebo, IL 62355

email the band at: jchubbie@aol.com

Want THE CHUBBIES’ music —
“I’m The King” CD (Sympathy For The Record Industry Records)
“Play Me” CD (Sympathy For The Record Industry Records)
“Tres Flores” CD (Sympathy For The Record Industry Records)

THE CHUBBIES is also on these cd compilations…
v/a “KPNK Punk Radio” (Countdown Records)
v/a “Punk Rock’s Not Only For Your Boyfriend” (Munster Records)
v/a “Things Get Out Of Hand, When You’re Girl Crazy” (Remedial Records)
and many more…
You want to find out mo’ ’bout:
THE GADJITS write to:
Hellcat Records, 2798 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Visit THE GADJITS website:

Check out THE GADJITS’ music:
“At Ease” CD (Hellcat Records)

THE GADJITS is also on these compilations…
v/a “Give ‘Em The Boot” (Hellcat Records)
and many more…
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