Show #399; Saturday, June 13, 1998 12:00pm ’til 2:00pm Pacific
first hour: JEFFRIES FAN CLUB live!
second hour: ETHIC live!
Nu.; Band; Song; Label
01. One Eye Open – “The Ska Parade Metal Theme”/A to Y Productions
02. Let’s Go Bowling – “Badminton On A Rope”/A to Y Prod. (*underbed music)
03. The Equators – “Age Of 5″/Virtualy Alternative (May 1998 Sampler)
featuring Kym Clift, Dave Wakeling, and Albino Brown
04. Bank Of Brian – “Highest Jungle Gym”/Vegas Records
*world debut!
05. Engine 54 – “Run For The Money”/Simmerdown Productions
06. Toucans – “Cantina Band”/Toucan Music (*underbed music)
Anaheim, CA’s JEFFRIES FAN CLUB live!
07. Jeffries Fan Club – “Nothing To Prove”/live
08. Jeffries Fan Club – “Something Good”/live
09. Jeffries Fan Club – “12”/live
10. Jeffries Fan Club – “Rosarito”/live
11. Jeffries Fan Club – “Rolled”/live
12. Jeffries Fan Club – “She’s So Cool”/live
13. Jeffries Fan Club – “Goodbye”/live
14. Jeffries Fan Club – “Like A Dog”/live
15. Jeffries Fan Club – “New One”/live
16. Jeffries Fan Club – “Milk”/live
17. The Skeletones – “She’s Alright”/Ripe Productions
*from the compilation “West Coast Skampolation”
18. Franceska – “I Don’t Want Your Lovin’ Anymore”/Moon Ska Records
*from the compilation “Love And Affection: Songs In The Key Of Love”
19. The Skanksters – “Only Once A Stranger”/Simmerdown Productions
*world debut (courtesy of DJ Simmerdown of Franceska)
20. Royal Crown Revue – “The Contender”/live on Ska Parade
21. Dem Brooklyn Bums – “BaseBall Bat Boogie”/YouGotAProblemWitDis Records
22. Sex-O-Rama – “I Like To Watch”/Oglio Records (*underbed music)
Huntington Beach, CA’s ETHIC live!
(this band used to be called Shamus)
23. Ethic – “Pendulum Theory”/live
24. Ethic – “10 Grand Short Of My Freedom”/live
25. Ethic – “Boy In A Suit”/live
26. Ethic – “Sun Laid Down”/live
27. Checkmate! – “Cyclops”/Full Stop Industries
*from the compilation cd “Who’s The Man?”
28. Ocean 11 – “Solid As A Rock”/A to Y Productions
*from the KUCI benefit CD “Step On It”
29. C.F.B. – “The Long”/A to Y Productions (excerpt)
*from the KUCI benefit CD “Step On It”
30. Sex-O-Rama – “I Like To Watch”/Oglio Records (*underbed music)
Orange, CA’s CODE NAME ROCKY live!
31. Code Name Rocky – “My Boss Sucks”/live
32. Code Name Rocky – “Keyhole”/live
33. Code Name Rocky – “His Day”/live
34. Code Name Rocky – “Just Like Heaven”/live
35. Doctor Madd Vibe – “Ska Parade”/A to Y Productions (*underbed music)
End of Show
The Ska Parade contact info:

A to Y Productions (The Ska Parade)
c/o Tazy Phyllipz (Producer & Host)
address: P.O. Box 5766, Irvine, CA 92616
email: skaparade@aol.com
webpage: http://www.rudenet.com/skaparade
You want to find out mo’ ’bout:
JFC c/o Vegas Records
P.O. Box 2175, Newport Beach, CA 92659

or email JEFFRIES FAN CLUB at:

visit JFC’s webpage:

Want JEFFRIES FAN CLUB’s music —
“Nothing To Prove” CD (Vegas Records)
*release date Monday, June 22, 1998!
“Feelin’ Sorry For All The Hearts We’ve Broken” CD (Vegas Records)

JEFFRIES FAN CLUB is also found on these cd compilations:
v/a “West Coast Skampolation” (Ripe Productions)
v/a “Skechers USA New Music Sampler, Vol. 1 (Summer 1998)” (Skechers Records)
v/a “Hey Brother…3” (Vegas Records)
v/a “Hey Brother, Can You Spare Some ___, Vol. 2” (Vegas Records)
v/a “Take Warning: The Songs Of Operation Ivy” (Glue Factory Records)
v/a “Hey Brother, Can You Spare Some Ska, Vol. 1” (Vegas Records)
v/a “OC Punk Vs. Ska, Vol. 1” (Skratch-Vegas Records)
and more…

Mon., June 22, 1998 @ Old World Hall, Huntington Beach, CA
*JFC’s “Nothing To Prove” cd release party
*w/ Let’s Go Bowling, Skiptooth, Cory Feldman, PxB, and more.
*call 714/570-8687 for more info to this all ages gig!
You want to find out mo’ ’bout:
ETHIC write to:
7811 Ellis Ave., #4, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Want ETHIC’s music —
“Comments And Questions” CS (demo)

See ETHIC live:
Wed., July 8, 1998 @ Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, CA
*w/ Jesus Lizard, and more.
*call 714/841-5768 for more info to this all ages gig!
You want to find out mo’ ’bout:
247 S. Loretta, Orange, CA 92869

or email CODE NAME ROCKY at:

Want CODE NAME ROCKY’s music —
“Code Name Rocky” CS (demo)

for booking info call 714/567-9730

Fri., June 19, 1998 @ Koo’s Cafe, Santa Ana, CA (8pm)
*w/ The Siren Six! and more.

Fri., June 19, 1998 @ Public Storage, Anaheim, CA (10pm)
*w/ Alcoskalics and more.
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June 20, 1998 – Ska Parade Episode #400!!!
first hour: – THE SWINGTIPS live!
– 22 JACKS live!
second hour: – OZOMATLI live!
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www.rudenet.com/skaparade (and go under playlist section!)
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