Show #405; Saturday, July 25, 1998 12:00pm ’til 2:00pm Pacific
first hour: – MY SUPERHERO live!
second hour: – GWAR VS. THE AQUABATS live!
Nu.; Band; Song; Label
01. One Eye Open – “The Ska Parade Metal Theme”/A to Y Productions
02. Let’s Go Bowling – “Badminton On A Rope”/A to Y Prod. (*underbed music)
03. The Siren Six! – “This Can’t Be What You Meant”/live on Ska Parade
04. The Big 6 – “Come Back Baby”/Vinyl Japan
05. Royal Crown Revue – “The Contender”/live on Ska Parade
06. Suburban Rhythm – “Mr. Smooth Guy”/Solid Records
07. Johnny Socko – “(This Is Your) Vasectomy”/Jump Up! Records
08. Let’s Go Bowling – “Electric Bread”/live on Ska Parade
09. Ocean 11 – “I Shall Sing”/live on Ska Parade
10. The Tremors – “Mantando El Diablo”/A to Y Productions
*from the KUCI benefit compilation “Step On It”
11. The Toasters – “Thrill Me Up”/Moon Ska Records
12. The Toucans – “Me ‘En Fighten”/Toucan Music (*underbed music)
Anaheim, CA’s MY SUPERHERO live!
13. My Superhero – “Introduction”/live
14. My Superhero – “Long Gone”/live
15. My Superhero – “Big Thursday”/live
16. My Superhero – “Your Little Problem”/live
17. My Superhero – “Groovy Kind Of Love”/live
18. My Superhero – “Best Days”/live
19. My Superhero – “Going Somewhere”/live
20. My Superhero – “Leaving Soon”/live
21. My Superhero – “Take The Skinheads Bowling”/live
22. My Superhero – “Sympathy For The Ants”/live
23. My Superhero – “Another Kind”/live
24. My Superhero – “Here Comes Your Man”/live
the challange of the millenium:
25. The Professor – “Robin Hood Folk Rendition”/live
*sung to the intro. of “Martian Girl”
26. One Eye Open – “The Ska Parade Metal Theme”/A to Y Productions
27. My Superhero – “Coley & Steve”/live
28. Gwar – “The Years Without Light”/live
29. Gwar – “Horror Of Yg”/live
30. My Superhero – “Baggage”/live
31. Albino Brown – “The Ugliest Gwar Of Them All”/live
32. My Superhero – “Baggage (Part 2)”/live
33. Gwar – “Penguin Attack”/live
34. The Aquabats – “God Bless Ye Merry Gentlemen”/live (*underbed music)
35. Commander Bat – “Playdough”/live
36. Joe & The Chickenheads – “Put Away The Cheese (Keep It Refrigerated)”/live
37. The Aquabats – “The Aquabat Theme Song”/live
38. The Aquabats – “Playdough”
39. Gwar – “Antarctican Drinking Song”/live
40. The Aquabats – “The Chicken Song”/live
41. The Aquabats – “Magic Chicken Dixieland Strut”/live
42. The Aquabats – “Killing & Pillaging”/live
*sung to the tune of “Martian Girl”
43. Gwar – “Aquabaterama”/live
*sung to the tune of “Slaughterama”
44. Gwar – “The Beethoven Theme”/live
45. Gwar – “The Wedding March”/live
46. Gwar – “The Private Pain Of Techno Destructo”/live
47. Gwar – “Meat Grinder”/live
48. The Aquabats – “Raw-G Mix”/live
49. The Aquabats – “Soliloquy”/live
50. The Aquabats – “Chum Chum Song”/live
51. Doctor Madd Vibe – “Ska Parade”/A to Y Productions
52. Thee Spivies – “Fire Safety”/Jackson-Rubio Records
53. Jump With Joey – “Whitey Palmer”/Rykodisc Records
End of Show
The Ska Parade contact info:

A to Y Productions (The Ska Parade)
c/o Tazy Phyllipz (Producer & Host)
address: P.O. Box 5766, Irvine, CA 92616
email: skaparade@aol.com
webpage: http://www.rudenet.com/skaparade
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MY SUPERHERO write to:
2166 W. Broadway, #270, Anaheim, CA 92804

email MY SUPERHERO at msuperhro@aol.com

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Want MY SUPERHERO’s music —
“SKAteboard Music” (Vegas Records)
“Solid State 14” (Sick Little Monkey Music)

MY SUPERHERO are on these compilations…
v/a “Runnin’ Naked Thru The Cornfield” CD (A to Y Productions)
v/a “Take Warning: The Songs Of Operation Ivy” (Glue Factory Records)
v/a “Hey Brother…Can You Spare Some Ska” (Vegas Records)
v/a “Orange County’s Punk Vs. Ska, Round 1” (Skratch-Vegas Records)
and many more….
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GWAR write to:
P.O. Box 5225, Richmond, VA 23220

email GWAR at gwar@infi.net

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“Carnival Of Choas” (Metal Blade Records)
“Scumdogs Of The Universe” (Metal Blade Records)
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P.O. Box 838, Huntington Beach, CA 92648-0838

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at http://members.aol.com/MilesCH/gwarvstheaquabats.html

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“The Fury Of The Aquabats” (Goldenvoice-Time Bomb Records)
“The Return Of…The Aquabats” (Horchata Records)

THE AQUABATS will be on this compilation…
v/a “The Ska Parade: Runnin’ Naked Thru The Cornfield” CD (A to Y
v/a “Freedom Sounds: A Tribute To The Skatalites” (Shanachie Records)
v/a “We Are Not Devo” (Centipede Records)
v/a “Take Warning: The Songs Of Operation Ivy” (Glue Factory Records)
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