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Subject: THE SKA PARADE RADIO SHOW on X103.9fm (09-13-98)

THE SKA PARADE RADIO SHOW on X103.9fm (09-13-98)
Show #101; Sunday, September 13, 1998 11pm to 1:00am Pacific
Guests: INDIGO SWING live!
Nu.; Band; Song; Label
01. One Eye Open – “The Ska Parade Metal Theme”/A to Y Productions
02. Let’s Go Bowling – “Badminton On A Rope”/A to Y Prod. (*underbed music)
03. Reel Big Fish – “Uniform Of Destruction”/A to Y Productions
*track from: “The Ska Parade: Runnin’ Naked Thru The Cornfield”
*RBF video shoot on Tues, 9/15/98 (3pm-9pm)
*@The Galaxy, Santa Ana, CA (18+ only!; Only the 1st 200 will be let in!)
04. The Goodwin Club – “Everything”/demo
05. Thee Spivies – “Fire Safety”/Jackson-Rubio Records
06. Less Than Jake – “Johnny Quest”/live on Ska Parade
07. Tilt – “Molly Coddled”/Fat Wreck Chords
08. Fishbone – “Alcoholic”/live on Ska Parade
09. Freakdaddy – “Rum”/Da Soup Records
10. The Donkey Show – “Mr. Brown”/A to Y Productions
*join X103.9, The Ska Parade, and more…
*for “Just Can’t Get Enough of…The Donkey Show” cd release party!
*featuring the return of The Equators
*(the legendary U.K. ska band that inspired such greats as The English Beat,
*The Untouchables, Let’s Go Bowling, …) (feat. members of The Donkey Show),
*will be headlining w/The Siren Six!, Pain, Edna’s Goldfish, and Teen Heroes.
*Friday, October 16, 1998 @ U.C. Riverside’s Barn, Riverside, CA; $8 a/a
*for more information call 909/715-2252
11. The Selecter – “On My Radio”/Chrysalis Records
12. My Superhero – “Kind”/Vegas Records
13. Suburban Rhythm – “Game Show”/Solid Recordings
14. Descendents – “Gotto”/Dummy Recordings
*from “A Compilation Of Warped Music”
15. Eden – “Hey Mr. T”/live on Ska Parade
16. Voodoo Glow Skulls – “Time Out For Fun”/Centipede Records
*from the compilation “We Are Not Devo”
17. Madness – “One Step Beyond”/Geffen Records
18. Ozomatli – “Cut Chemist Suite”/live on Ska Parade
19. Stubborn All-Stars – “Rise To Find You”/Another Planet Records
20. The Jumpstarts – “Rain From The Sky”/Simmerdown Productions
*from the compilation “Girls Go Ska”
21. Ken Booth w/Lyn Taitt & The Jets – “Say You”/Rhino Records
*from the compilation “Roots Of Reggae: Rock Steady, Vol. 2”
22. One Eye Open – “The Ska Parade Metal Theme”/A to Y Productions
23. Jeffries Fan Club – “12”/Skratch-Vegas Records
*from the compilation “Orange County’s Punk Vs. Ska, Round I”
24. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy – “Jumpin’ Jack”/Slimstyle Records-Beyond Music
*from the compilation “Swing This Baby!”
25. Royal Crown Revue – “The Contender”/Warner Brothers Records
26. The Brian Setzer Orchestra – “You’re The Boss”/Interscope Records
featuring Gwen Stefani
27. Jump With Joey – “Shot In The Dark (live)”/A to Y Productions
*from the compilation “Step On It: The Best of The Ska Parade Radio Show”
28. The Big 6 – “Groovey Geezer”/live on Ska Parade
29. Mr. T Experience – “And I Will Be With You”/live on Ska Parade
30. Sex-O-Rama 2 – “Stiffed”/Oglio Records (*underbed music)
31. Toucans – “Cantina Band”/Toucan Music (*underbed music)
San Francisco, CA’s INDIGO SWING live!
32. Indigo Swing – “The Indigo Swing”/live
33. Indigo Swing – “(Today’s The Day) I’m Glad I’m Not Dead”/live
34. Indigo Swing – “Blue Suit Boogie”/live
35. Indigo Swing – “How Lucky Can One Guy Be?”/live
36. Indigo Swing – “I Know My Love Is True”/live
37. Indigo Swing – “Violent Love”/live
38. Indigo Swing – “Crankin’ It Up”/live
39. Cocktails With Joey – “Count On Me”/Will Records (*underbed music)
40. Doctor Madd Vibe – “Ska Parade”/A to Y Productions (*underbed music)
*Doctor Madd Vibe has a new enhanced cd “Comprehensive Linkology”
*available at Tower Records on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood!
End of Show
The Ska Parade contact info:

A to Y Productions (The Ska Parade)
c/o Tazy Phyllipz (Producer & Host)
address: P.O. Box 5766, Irvine, CA 92616
email: skaparade@aol.com
webpage: http://www.rudenet.com/skaparade
You want to find out mo’ ’bout:
INDIGO SWING write to:
P.O. Box 471825, San Francisco, CA 94147-1825

Email the band at: indigoswing@slip.net

visit INDIGO SWING’s webpage:

Check out INDIGO SWING’s music:
“All Aboard!” (Time Bomb Records)

INDIGO SWING can be found on these cd compilations…
“Hipsters, Zoots, & Wingtips: The 90’s Swingers” (Hip-O Records)
“The Best Of The Hootenanny” (Hootenanny-Foil Records)
and more….
and check out further information on The Ska Parade by readin’:
“THE SKA PARADE official webpage at:
If you are in a band that digs to play the ska
then send one (1) press pack
and two (2) copies of your CD (preferred), Vinyl, or cassette
to: A to Y Productions/”The Ska Parade” c/o Tazy,
P.O. Box 5766, Irvine, CA 92616

SKA ZINES please do the same – makes yo’ self known to us.
The Ska Parade Radio Show on X103.9
will commence next week on:

September 20, 1998 – ROYAL CROWN REVUE live! (tentative)
Also stay tuned to these upcoming shows on 88.9fm KUCI:

September 19, 1998
first hour: – ROYAL CROWN REVUE live! (tentative)

September 26, 1998
first hour: – THE W’s live! (tentative)
second hour: – BIG SANDY & THE FLY RITE BOYS live! (tentative)

October 10, 1998
first hour: – THE EQUATORS live!

October 17, 1998
first hour: – EDNA’S GOLDFISH live! (tentative)
second hour: – PAIN live! (tentative)

November 14, 1998
first hour: – RUDER THAN YOU live!

Summer 1998 – BIG SANDY & THE FLY RITE BOYS live! (tentative) (Sept.)
– THE HIPPOS live! (tentative) (Sept.)
– PHANTOM PLANET live! (tentative) (Sept.)
– BLUE PLATE SPECIAL live! (tentative)
– TOOTS & THE MAYTALS live! (tentative)
– THE DECEPTICONZ live! (tentative)
– GRANT LEE BUFFALO live! (tentative)
– BAD MANNERS live! (tentative) (Nov.)
– THE SKELETONES live! (tentative) (Nov.)
Join Tazy, Maria, Albino, and/or Colin
at the KUCI/The Ska Parade Booths at the various Ska shows – you dig!


[includin’ the “Step On It” Ska Parade CD compilation,
Fishbone “The Delusional Quandaries of Doctor Madd Vibe” Video,
“The Ska Parade: Runnin’ Naked Thru The Cornfield” CD compilation,
Misfits of Ska 2 Compilation, Mobtown, One Eye Open, Out Of Order,
Mango Season (ex-CFB), Action League, and Reel Big Fish CDs,
The Ska Parade Video, Ska Parade t-shirts,
new Ska Parade PATCHES, zines, stickers, pins, Scooter book rarities, etc.].
*all at The KUCI/Ska Parade Booth at the various shows.

Coming soon full length cds from:
The Donkey Show “Just Can’t Get Enough Of…The Donkey Show” (Oct. 98)
The Equators “Hot” (Feb. 99)

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