THE SKA PARADE RADIO SHOW on X103.9fm (10-04-98)
Show #104; Sunday, October 4, 1998 11pm to 1:30am Pacific
Guests: “X103.9’s Ska Parade’s 2nd Anniversary Spectacular!”
first hour: – THE HI-FIVES live!
second hour: – BIG SANDY AND HIS FLY-RITE BOYS live!
Nu.; Band; Song; Label
01. One Eye Open – “The Ska Parade Metal Theme”/A to Y Productions
02. Let’s Go Bowling – “Badminton On A Rope”/A to Y Prod. (*underbed music)
03. The Donnas – “Rock ‘N’ Roll Machine”/live on Ska Parade
04. Sublime – “Date Rape”/live on Ska Parade
*from the KUCI benefit compilation
*”Step On It: The Best Of The Ska Parade Radio Show”
05. Descendents – “Silly Girl”/live on Ska Parade
06. Home Grown – “Barbie Girl”/live on Ska Parade
07. The Big 6 – “Groovey Geezer”/live on Ska Parade
*from the compilation “The Ska Parade: Runnin’ Naked Thru The Cornfield”
08. Ozomatli – “Cut Chemist Suite”/live on Ska Parade
09. Freakdaddy – “Rum”/live on Ska Parade
10. Fishbone – “Alcoholic”/live on Ska Parade
11. No Doubt – “Excuse Me Mister”/live on Ska Parade
12. Toucans – “Cantina Band”/Toucan Music (*underbed music)
Berkeley, CA’s THE HI-FIVES’ live!
13. The Hi-Fives – “Transister Sister”/live
14. The Hi-Fives – “Seven Years”/live
15. The Hi-Fives – “Love You Better”/live
16. The Hi-Fives – “Conversations Like These”/live
17. The Hi-Fives – “Contemplating Coups”/live
18. The Hi-Fives – “It’s Up To You”/live
19. The Hi-Fives – “You Can”/live (*dedicated to Eden)
20. The Hi-Fives – “She Makes Me Good”/live
21. The Hi-Fives – “I’d Be So Pleased”/live
22. The Hi-Fives – “Welcome To My Mind”/live
23. The Hi-Fives – “Destroy Our Love”/live
24. One Eye Open – “The Ska Parade Metal Theme”/A to Y Productions
25. Jeffries Fan Club – “12-Da Da Da-12″/live on Ska Parade
26. The Equators – “Another Excuse”/A to Y Productions
featuring Lonnie Marshall (Weapon Of Choice)
*from the forthcoming cd “HOT” (Feburary 1999)
*also, join X103.9, The Ska Parade, and more…
*for “Just Can’t Get Enough of…The Donkey Show” cd release party!
*featuring the return of The Equators
*(the legendary U.K. ska band that inspired such greats as The English Beat,
*The Untouchables, Let’s Go Bowling, …) (feat. members of The Donkey Show),
*will be headlining w/The Siren Six!, Pain, Edna’s Goldfish, and Teen Heroes.
*Friday, October 16, 1998 @ U.C. Riverside’s Barn, Riverside, CA; $8 a/a
*for more information call 909/715-2252
Once Again: THE HI-FIVES’ live!
27. Eden – “Hey Mr. T”/live on Ska Parade (*dedicated to The Hi-Fives!)
28. The Hi-Fives – “Please Don’t Leave”/live
29. The Hi-Fives – “Slow Down”/live
30. The Hi-Fives – “She Is The One”/live
31. The Hi-Fives – “Hypnotizer”/live
32. Sex-O-Rama – “I Like To Watch”/Oglio Records (*underbed music)
33. Save Ferris – “S.Y.L.S.B.”/live on Ska Parade
34. Reel Big Fish – “Sell Out”/live on Ska Parade
35. The Skatalites – “James Bond Theme”/live on Ska Parade
36. Cocktails With Joey – “Tropical Espionage”/Will Records (*underbed music)
37. Big Sandy And His Fly-Rite Boys – “Blackberry Wine”/live
38. Big Sandy And His Fly-Rite Boys – “Let’s Make It Tonight”/live
39. Big Sandy And His Fly-Rite Boys – “The Greatest Story Ever Told”/live
40. Big Sandy And His Fly-Rite Boys – “Have & Hold”/live
41. Big Sandy And His Fly-Rite Boys – “Yama, Yama Pretty Mama”/live
42. The Fly-Rite Boys – “Minor Struggle”/live
43. Big Sandy And His Fly-Rite Boys – “Feelin’ Kinda Lucky”/live
44. Big Sandy And His Fly-Rite Boys – “If I Knew Now What I Knew Then”/live
45. Big Sandy And His Fly-Rite Boys – “Jumpin’ From Six to Six”/live
46. Doctor Madd Vibe – “Ska Parade”/A to Y Productions (*underbed music)
47. New York Ska Jazz Ensemble – “Boogie With The Bartender”/live on Ska
with Laurel Aitken
End of Show
The Ska Parade contact info:

A to Y Productions (The Ska Parade)
c/o Tazy Phyllipz (Producer & Host)
address: P.O. Box 5766, Irvine, CA 92616
email: skaparade@aol.com
webpage: http://www.rudenet.com/skaparade
You want to find out mo’ ’bout:
THE HI-FIVES’ write to:
P.O. Box 5630, Berkeley, CA 94705-0630

Email the band at: hi5@lookoutrecords.com

Visit THE HI-FIVES’ webpage via:

Check out THE HI-FIVES’ music:
“Get Down” CD (Lookout! Records – release date 10/6/98)
“…And A Whole Lotta You” CD (Lookout! Records)
“Welcome To My Mind” CD (Lookout! Records)
“It’s Up To You” Split 7-inch w/Odd Numbers (GI Productions)

THE HI-FIVES’ can be found on these cd compilations…
v/a “You Only As Good As The Last Thing You Did” (Lookout! Records)
v/a “KSCU Benefit Compilation” (No Pants Records)
v/a “Punk Uprising” (Lookout! Records )
v/a “Joe Queer Presents More Bounce To The Ounce” (Lookout! Records)
and much more….

See THE HI-FIVES’ live:
Oct. 9, 1998 @ G.A.M.H., San Francisco, CA (“Get Down” CD Release Party!)
Oct. 21, 1998 @ Spaceland, Los Angeles, CA w/ The Dirtybirds
Oct. 22, 1998 @ Claremont College, Claremont, CA
Nov 5-8, 1998 “Lookout! Invades The Eastern Empire” tour (East USA)
w/ The Donnas, Smugglers, & The Crumbs!
Nov. 15-29, 1998 Midwest & West USA tour with Chixdiggit
You want to find out mo’ ’bout:
c/o Hightone Records,
220 4th Street, #101, Oakland, CA 94607

“Dedicated To You” CD/LP (Hightone Records)
“Big Sandy Presents The Fly-Rite Boys” CD/LP (Hightone Records)
“Feelin’ Kinda Lucky” CD/LP (Hightone Records)
“Swingin’ West” CD/LP (Hightone Records)
“Jumpin’ From 6 to 6” CD/LP (Hightone Records)
“Jakes Barbershop” 4-song EP (No Hit Records)
“On The Go” CD/LP (No Hit Records)
“Don’t Desert Me”/”I’m Gonna Leave” 7-inch (Dionysus Records)
“Fly Right with…Big Sandy And The Fly-Rite Trio” CD/LP (Dionysus Records)

BIG SANDY AND HIS FLY-RITE BOYS can be found on these cd compilations…
v/a “The Best Of The Hootenanny” (Hootenanny-Foil Records)
and much more….

Oct 16-18, 1998 @ Harvest Festival, Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA
Nov. 6, 1998 @ In Cahoots, Riverside, CA
Nov. 12, 1998 @ House Of Blues, Hollywood, CA w/Fabulous Thunderbirds
The Ska Parade Radio Show on X103.9
will commence next week on:

October 11, 1998 – THE SLACKERS live