THE SKA PARADE PLAYLIST on X103.9 (12-23-96)
Show #013; Monday, December 23, 1996 12am to 2am Pacific
Guest: THE AQUABATS starring in “Holidays With The Aquabats!”
Nu.; Band; Song; Label
01. One Eye Open – “The Ska Parade Metal Theme”/A to Y Productions
02. Let’s Go Bowling – “Badminton On A Rope”/A to Y Prod. (*underbed music)
03. Albino Brown – “Dog Without A Leash”/live
04. Reel Big Fish – “Mele Kalikimaka”/Mojo Records
05. Fishbone – “Slick Nick, You Devil You”/Columbia Legacy Records
06. Boy O Boy – “Merry Christmas”/Bob Records
*Boy O Boy became Fighting Gravity!
07. C.F.B. – “The Long”/A to Y Productions
08. Squirrel Nut Zippers – “Santa Claus Is Smoking Reefer”/demo
09. Let’s Go Bowling – “Oatmeal For Xmas”/Moon Ska Records
10. Let’s Go Bowling – “Spy Market”/Moon Ska Records
11. Voodoo Glow Skulls – “Feliz Navidad”/Epitaph Records
12. Albino Brown – “Walking In The Fog By Margaret Hillert”/live
*it’s Albino’s Love Poem from the Third Grade!
13. Ye Olde English – “Christmas”/MoGold Records
14. Princess Leia – “Our Day Will Come”/20th Century Fox (*underbed music)
*out-take from “Star Wars” & she really sings!
Orange County’s THE AQUABATS live!
starring Caped Commander Bat, Chain Saw, Crash McLarson,
Prince Adam The Invisible, Hymie The Robot, Nacho, Cat Boy,
The Baron Von Tito, The Magic Chicken, Powdered Milkman,
Huey From My Superhero, The Professor, Scott Barrett,
Tazy Phyllipz, and Albino Brown
in “Holidays With The Aquabats!”
15. The Aquabats – “Introduction”/live
16. The Aquabats – “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”/live
17. The Aquabats – “The Aquabats Theme Song”/live
18. The Aquabats – “Skanky The Ska Man”/live
19. The Aquabats – “Hand Jingle Bells”/live
20. The Aquabats – “The Chicken Song”/live
*this holiday buy your loved one a chicken!
Exclusive interview with The Magic Chicken!
21. The Aquabats – “Last Christmas”/live
featuring Powdered Milkman
The Professor speaks of Christmas!
Caped Commander Bat mentions their gig 12/23/96 (7pm)
at House Of Blues in Hollywood, CA with Fishbone
starring Angelo Moore as the lead singer!
22. The Aquabats – “Nacho ‘The Wild Nugget’ Jam”/live
23. The Aquabats – “Baron Von Tito Jam”/live
*who brought the peanut butter ’cause Tito brought the jam!
24. The Aquabats – “Red Sweater With A Green Alligator”/live
(The Christmas Colors)
25. The Aquabats – “Playdough”/live
26. The Aquabats – “Viva El Skateboard”/live
*in Espanol!
27. The Aquabats – “Idiot Box”/live
28. The Aquabats – “Phwhrrrr”/live
Caped Commander Bat announces a contest:
Everyone help name The Aquabats next album title.
Choices are:
01) “Battle For The Planet Of The Aquabats”
02) “Apocalypse Of The Nuclear Proportion – Bring It On!”
03) “Empire Of The Aquabats”
04) “Masked Marauders – Killing & Pillaging”
05) “Shrugging The Shoulders & Looking Like U Don’t Know”
06) “Aquabation With The Aquabats”
07) “The Aqua League Of America”
08) “Aquabooty”
09) “Who’s Got The Peanutbutter ‘Cause Tito’s Got The Jam”
10) “Reel Big Fish: The Aquabats Unmasked”
11) “Aquallegience To The Flag”
12) “AquaPhat 2: Aquabats On Ice”
13) “The Chicken’s Last Album”
14) “The Aquabats: Must Save The Children”
15) “The Fury Of The Aquabats”
email skaparade@aol.com with yo’ votes!!!
29. The Aquabats – “Masked Marauders – Killing & Pillaging”/live
*sung to the tune of “Martian Girl”
30. The Aquabats – “Marshmallow Man”/live
(Jazz, Japanese, Spanish Improvisation)
*featuring Tazy Phyllipz on keys
and now a word from our sponsors!
31. The Aquabats – “Powdered Milkman”/live
featuring Powdered Milkman
The Aquabats answer the phones.
*Starring The Professor as Albino Brown
32. The Aquabats – “CD Repo Man”/live
33. The Aquabats – “Improvisation”/live
*sung to the heavy metal tune “Vengeance Of The Sword”
34. The Aquabats – “Here We Go Albino Brown”/live
*Downtown Albino Brown breakdances and gets down!
35. The Aquabats – “Martian Girl”/live
(the encore, rancor, emo-hardcore version!)
36. The Aquabats – “It’s Crazy Man!”/live
Holiday Giveaway: Tazy gives out a pair of Simple Shoes!
37. The Swinging Cats – “Away”/Chrysalis Records
38. The Bodysnatchers – “People Do Rock Steady”/Chrysalis Records
Ska Concert Board —
The Professor gives a holiday message!
*Starring Albino Brown as The Professor
39. Doctor Madd Vibe – “Ska Parade”/A to Y Productions (*underbed music)
End of Show

**Thanks out to Brian Tochilin of A-Room Studios
for helping to engineer The Aquabats live!
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